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Krakowska modyfikacja kalotwej metody ustawiania zebów w ocenie klinicznej. / [The Cracow modification of the Calotte method of teeth placement in clinical evaluation].

Majewski, S; Wisniewska, G.
Protet Stomatol; 40(3): 103-7, 1990.
Artigo em Polonês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-2103025
The purpose of the paper was checking of theoretical principles and assessment of the clinical usefulness of the calotte method of teeth placement in Cracow modification. In 110 patients this study was carried out according to the following schema prosthetic treatment using complete prostheses with teeth placed by the modified method or by the Gysi-Fischer method, for comparison, and periodically repeated clinical examinations considering such elements as articulation and occlusion, fixation and statics of prostheses, masticatory function and speech, and aesthetic result and adaptation process. In all these parameters good results were obtained by the modified method. It is concluded that the modification is particularly useful in therapeutically difficult cases, with unfavourable anatomic-physiological conditions of the denture bearing area.