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Conditioning effects of cavities prepared with an Er,Cr:YSGG laser and an air-turbine.

Kato, Chikage; Taira, Yoshihisa; Suzuki, Masaya; Shinkai, Koichi; Katoh, Yoshiroh.
Odontology; 100(2): 164-71, 2012 Jul.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-21604190
The purpose of this study was to examine, morphologically and histochemically, five types of conditioning effects on cavities prepared with an Er,CrYSGG laser and an air-turbine. Cavities were prepared using a Waterlase(®) MD turbo handpiece (W) and an air-turbine (AT) on human extracted molars. The cavity conditionings used were non-conditioned (G1), K-etchant Gel (G2), K-etchant Gel + AD Gel (G3), Clearfil SE Bond primer (G4) and Clearfil S(3) Bond (G5). On naked eye observations, enamel of G1, G2 and G3 in the W cavities and etched enamel of G2 and G3 in the AT cavities were observed as rough and dull in appearance. G4 and G5 in W and AT cavities were observed as shiny surfaces. On SEM observations, no smeared layer was observed in W cavities, while a smeared layer and bur-scratches were observed in AT cavities. In W cavities, rough surfaces were observed on enamel. That is, cracks and minute rough surfaces were observed. In contrast, equally etched scale-shaped enamel rods were observed in AT cavities. Widely opened dentinal tubules and protruding peritubular matrices of dentin were observed in W cavities. A few remaining smeared plugs could be observed at the AT cavities. On LM observations, 13-16 µm layers of the dentin in G1, G2, G4 and G5 of W cavities were stained red in color by the Azan staining method, while redness was not observed in G3. No groups were stained red in AT cavities. It was considered that layers stained red in color were thermal degeneration layers of dentin induced by W. Namely 30 s etching of 40% phosphoric acid gel followed by 90 s treatment of 10% NaClO gel should be recommended for use when combined with an Er,CrYSGG laser for cavity preparation.