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Rapid debonding of polycrystalline ceramic orthodontic brackets with an Er:YAG laser: an in vitro study.

Mundethu, Ambili Roselina; Gutknecht, Norbert; Franzen, Rene.
Lasers Med Sci; 29(5): 1551-6, 2014 Sep.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-23525867
The usefulness of erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser irradiation for debonding ceramic brackets is assessed using a single laser pulse. Damon Clear brackets were chosen for their 85% transmission of 2.94 µm radiation and were bonded to 20 human third molars using the Blugloo adhesive system. Laser parameters comprised of 600 mJ pulse energy with 800 µs duration, 1.3 mm fiber tip. Light microscopy was used to assess Adhesive Remnant Index (ARI) scores, and scanning electron microscope (SEM) images were taken of the cross-section of the enamel-adhesive interface. Nineteen brackets (95%) were successfully debonded with a single laser pulse, while one bracket (5%) required eight pulses for debonding. For all teeth, the SEM analysis showed no signs of damage to the enamel, and ARI scores of three were observed, supporting the result that the laser effect is confined in the adhesive. The presented laser parameters are able to rapidly debond suitable brackets. The debonding mechanism was concluded to be thermomechanical ablation for single pulse debonding.