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Assessment and management of halitosis.

Singh, Vijendra P; Malhotra, Neeraj; Apratim, Abhishek; Verma, Madhu.
Dent Update; 42(4): 346-8, 351-3, 2015 May.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26062259
Halitosis is an unpleasant condition that may be the origin of concern not only for a possible health condition but also for frequent psychological alterations which may lead to social and personal isolation. The most frequent sources of halitosis that exist in the oral cavity include bacterial reservoirs such as the dorsum of the tongue, saliva and periodontal pockets. Volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) are the prominent elements of oral malodour. Genuine halitosis and pseudo-halitosis should be in the treatment realm of dental practitioners. Clinical Relevance Halitosis can be a symptom of underlying systemic disease, therefore the exact diagnosis and its source (oral or non-oral) is important in the proper approach to its management.