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Patient and staff dosimetry during radiographic procedures in an intensive care unit.

Fernández, Rosario; Moreno-Torres, Miguel; Contreras, Antonia M; Núñez, María I; Guirado, Damián; Peñas, Luis.
J Radiol Prot; 35(3): 727-32, 2015 Sep.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26344655
The performance of radiography in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) may be associated with a certain level of radiation exposure for staff and patients in the unit. Little evidence on exposure levels is available in the literature. However, healthcare professionals in the ICUs at our centre tend to leave the room during radiographic examinations, potentially compromising patient care. The objectives of this study were to quantify dose levels within the ICU and to evaluate the performance of ICU x-ray studies according to patient dose measurements. This study was conducted in the 18-bed ICU of a third-level hospital. The scattering radiation due to mobile x-ray examinations was measured by using four personal thermoluminiscent dosimeters (TLDs). The dose area product (DAP) was measured at each examination using a transmission chamber installed on the diaphragm of the x-ray equipment. Based on the TLD readings and taking account of the error margin, the annual dose to patients and staff was less than 0.6 mSv. The value given by the DAP meter for chest x-rays was 94 ± 17 mGy cm(2); this value is well below the lower limit recommended by different agencies and committees. Exposure levels were found to be extremely low and pose no apparent risk to staff or to those in beds adjacent to the patients undergoing x-ray examinations, which were correctly performed in the unit.