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Early loading of delayed versus immediately placed implants in the anterior mandible: A pilot comparative clinical study.

Koirala, Durga Prasad; Singh, Saumyendra V; Chand, Pooran; Siddharth, Ramashanker; Jurel, Sunit Kumar; Aggarwal, Himanshi; Tripathi, Shuchi; Ranabhatt, Rani; Mehrotra, Divya.
J Prosthet Dent; 116(3): 340-5, 2016 Sep.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27112415


Numerous studies of the efficacy of immediately placed implants have been published but only a few of the comparative analyses of the early loading of delayed versus immediately placed dental implants.


The purpose of this pilot prospective clinical study was to evaluate and compare the outcomes of early loaded delayed versus immediately placed implants. MATERIAL AND


Eighty-eight participants satisfying predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria were selected for this pilot prospective study of 3 years' duration after obtaining institutional review board approval and informed consent. The immediate and the delayed implant placement group each consisted of 44 participants. The anterior mandible canine region was the implant placement site for all participants, and all implants were of the same size and manufacture. Participants were evaluated for hard (crestal bone loss and stability) and soft (periimplant probing depth) tissue implant success parameters at 6 and 12 months after implant placement. Data were analyzed, and results were computed.


Intergroup comparisons for mean mesial, mean distal, and mean crestal bone loss at 6 and 12 months after immediate and delayed implant placement showed statistically insignificant differences (P≥.05). Intergroup comparisons of mean mesial, mean distal, mean labial, and mean lingual and mean pocket depth at 6 and 12 months also showed statistically insignificant differences (P≥.05). Comparative mean values using the Periotest also demonstrated statistically insignificant differences (P≥.05).


The short-term outcomes of early loaded delayed and immediately placed implants were comparable. Therefore, early loaded immediately placed implants may be a promising option for the mandibular anterior region.