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Clinical Impact of Dental Adhesives on Postoperative Sensitivity in Class I and Class II Resin-Composite Restorations.

Manchorova-Veleva, Neshka A; Vladimirov, Stoyan B; Keskinova, Donka А.
Folia Med (Plovdiv); 57(3-4): 243-9, 2015.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27180352


Self-etch adhesives are believed to prevent postoperative sensitivity when used under posterior resin-based composite restorations. STUDY


A hypothesis that a one-step self-etch adhesive (1-SEA) would result in less postoperative sensitivity than a three-step etch-and-rinse adhesive (3-E&RA) was tested. PATIENTS AND


One hundred restorations were placed with a 1-SEA and 100 restorations with a 3-E&RA. Teeth were restored with Filtek Supreme nanofilled resin-composite and were evaluated for sensitivity to cold and masticatory forces at baseline, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and 6 months postoperatively. Vitality test scores of the teeth were recorded at the same periods.


The evaluation of cold sensitivity intensity (VAS score) for all observation periods in both restoration groups did not reveal any statistical significance. The differences in the response time to cold stimulation (0 - 15 sec) for the restorations made with a 1-SEA and those made with a separate etch step are statistically insignificant. There are no significant differences in the vitality of the restored teeth at intra- or inter-group comparison. The statistical analysis revealed significant differences in postoperative sensitivity to masticatory forces at postoperative day 14 and day 30 in the 3-E&RA group.


Postoperative sensitivity depends on the type of dentin adhesive used. More intensive complaints of postoperative sensitivity were recorded under masticatory forces at postoperative day 14 and day 30 in 3-E&RA in comparison with 1-SEA.