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Treatment of oral hyperpigmentation and gummy smile using lasers and role of plasma as a novel treatment technique in dentistry: An introductory review.

Jha, Nayansi; Ryu, Jae Jun; Wahab, Rizwan; Al-Khedhairy, Abdulaziz A; Choi, Eun Ha; Kaushik, Nagendra Kumar.
Oncotarget; 8(12): 20496-20509, 2017 Mar 21.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28147333
Gingival hyperpigmentation and the condition known as gummy smile are very common dental cosmetic problems. Gingival hyperpigmentation arises due to the excess presence of melanin in certain regions of the gums. In the case of gummy smile, more than the required amount of gingival tissue is exposed upon smiling. An aesthetically pleasing smile should expose only a negligible amount of gingival tissue. Gummy smile and gingival hyperpigmentation can have detrimental effects on the aesthetic quality of a smile, and thereby a wide variety of treatment options must be taken into consideration depending patient outcome objectives. The use of a laser as a treatment modality is considered to be a promising option for such cases. We aim to explain the effects of using a laser on the gingiva and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this type of treatment and the resulting alteration of the genetic composition of the gingival tissue. This article reviews the histological aspects and biological effects of a laser treatment for oral hyperpigmentation and gummy smile and analyzes the use of the laser as a modality to improve the smiles of people with hyperpigmentation and excessive gingival display. We also attempt to provide insight into the use of plasma as a novel technology for medical and dental research and its future implications with regard to, dental soft tissue procedures.