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Esthetic evaluation and patient-centered outcomes in single-tooth implant rehabilitation in the esthetic area.

Stefanini, Martina; Felice, Pietro; Mazzotti, Claudio; Mounssif, Ilham; Marzadori, Matteo; Zucchelli, Giovanni.
Periodontol 2000; 77(1): 150-164, 2018 06.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29493024
Criteria for successful implants, in the rehabilitation of a single missing tooth in the esthetic area, should be determined by composite outcomes, including functional and esthetic aspects of soft tissues and the reconstruction, as well as patient-reported outcomes. This paper focuses on current methods in esthetic assessment and patient-centered/reported outcomes in single-tooth implant rehabilitation in the esthetic area. The relationship between subjective, patient-based esthetic evaluations and objective, professional-based esthetic evaluations is reviewed. In spite of increasing interest in the assessment of 'success' in implant dentistry, it is not yet possible to provide evidence-based conclusions because of the lack of consensus on a universal implant-supported crown esthetic index. There is also a need to standardize reporting of patient-centered outcomes in partially edentulous patients treated with implants.