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Effect of mucostatic and selective pressure impression techniques on residual ridge resorption in individuals with different bone mineral densities: A prospective clinical pilot study.

Tripathi, Arvind; Singh, Saumyendra V; Aggarwal, Himanshi; Gupta, Ashutosh.
J Prosthet Dent; 121(1): 90-94, 2019 Jan.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30006216


Although different impression techniques have been advocated for complete denture prosthodontics, objective studies that predict their effect on alveolar bone resorption are lacking.


The purpose of this prospective clinical pilot study was to objectively evaluate the effect of complete dentures fabricated by different impression techniques on mandibular residual ridge resorption in individuals with different bone mineral density. MATERIAL AND


Ninety-six participants with edentulism, selected according to inclusion criteria, underwent bone mineral density assessment and were divided into normal, osteopenic, and osteoporotic groups. Half of the participants in each group were provided with dentures fabricated by selective pressure impression technique (subgroup SIT), and the other half were provided with dentures fabricated by mucostatic impression technique (subgroup MIT). Computed tomographic scans of the mandible were made at denture delivery and 1 year after prosthesis use to assess alveolar bone height and width difference at marked locations at and after denture delivery. The data obtained were analyzed with the Student t test (α=.05).


Significantly less reduction in mandibular ridge height and width was found in the MIT versus the SIT subgroups in both osteopenic and osteoporotic participants (P<.05). No significant subgroup difference was found for normal bone mineral density group, although resorption increased in height and width for the SIT subgroup.


Mandibular residual ridge resorption was reduced for dentures fabricated using the mucostatic impression technique compared with the selective pressure impression technique in individuals with diminished bone density.