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Wyniki leczenia bezzebia metoda kalotowa w modyfikacji krakowskiej. Badania kliniczne. / [Results of toothlessness treatment by calottic method in the Cracow modification. Clinical studies].

Majewski, S; Wisniewska, G; Wencel, T.
Czas Stomatol; 41(11): 723-30, 1988 Nov.
Artigo em Polonês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-3077996
The purpose of the paper was to control the new method of teeth positioning in complete dentures based on the modification of callottic method in clinical practice. Clinical studies depended on occlusion and articulation estimation, examination of denture statics, control of occlusion height and registration of the patients' subjective experiences. They concerned 81 toothless patients divided into 2 groups according to the specific classification and wearing complete dentures in which the teeth had been positioned according to the modified method and Gysi-Fischer' method. In the groups of patients under examination that had teeth positioned according to the modified method significantly better results of the values estimated than in comparative groups have been achieved. It has been found that using the modified method smooth OA surface of artifical teeth is obtained without necessity of its correction satisfactory denture statics is obtained and rehabilitation of mastication function and adaptation to the dentures take place in a short period of time.