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Presentation and evaluation of the zero-dimensional biofilm model 0DBFM.

Plattes, Mario.
Water Sci Technol; 79(1): 35-40, 2019 Jan.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30816860
A zero-dimensional biofilm model, i.e. 0DBFM, has been developed for dynamic simulation of moving bed bioreactors (MBBRs). This mini-review aims at presenting and evaluating 0DBFM. 0DBFM is presented in Petersen matrix format and is based on the activated sludge model ASM1, which is an explicit and quite complex model (eight processes, 13 state variables, and 19 parameters) that has found wide application in engineering practice. 0DBFM is thus based on existing knowledge in biological wastewater treatment. The ASM1 approach has been confirmed by respirometry since the resulting respirograms were successfully simulated with ASM1. 0DBFM distinguishes between attached and suspended biomass and incorporates attachment of suspended matter from the bulk liquid onto the biofilm and detachment of biofilm into the bulk liquid. Still, 0DBFM respects the golden rule of modelling, which says that 'models should be as simple as possible and as complex as needed' and resists Occam's razor. The practicability of 0DBFM has been shown on a pilot-scale plant since nine days of wastewater treatment were successfully simulated and effluent quality was dynamically predicted. Finally, 0DBFM can be inspiring and the applicability of 0DBFM to other biofilm systems can be tested.