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Therapeutic alternatives for addressing pink esthetic complications in single-tooth implants: A proposal for a clinical decision tree.

Mesquita De Carvalho, Paulo F; Joly, Julio C; Carvalho Da Silva, Robert; González-Martín, Oscar.
J Esthet Restor Dent; 31(5): 403-414, 2019 09.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31095876


Esthetic complications in implant therapy today represent a clinical challenge, when the aim is to overcome the sequelae and obtain a pleasing result. The current scientific literature about this topic is scarce and often based on case reports and the personal opinions of clinicians. CLINICAL CONSIDERATIONS The aim of this article is to introduce a decision tree for diagnosis and treatment of complications, focusing on the pink esthetic of single-tooth implants and based on three diagnostic pillars (3D implant position, peri-implant hard-tissue anatomy, and peri-implant soft-tissue anatomy). Different shortcomings have been identified for each of the three diagnostic areas.


Following this tree, the article proposes treatment alternatives including soft- and hard-tissue reconstruction, implant submergence, orthodontic extrusion, and implant extraction in order to help clinicians establish a logical therapeutic sequence. CLINICAL


Guidelines for adequate diagnosis and management of single implant-supported restorations with compromised esthetics is mandatory when attempt to overcome shortcoming in the pink esthetic result.