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The upgrading of conventional activated sludge processes with thermophilic aerobic membrane reactor: Alternative solutions for sludge reduction.

Collivignarelli, Maria Cristina; Abbà, Alessandro; Bertanza, Giorgio; Frattarola, Andrea.
J Environ Manage; 264: 110490, 2020 Jun 15.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32250911
Sludge recovery/disposal represents one of the most crucial aspects related to the management of wastewater treatment plants. The most widely diffused technology for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewaters is the conventional activated sludge (CAS) process, which is characterized by a relatively high excess sludge production. Different technical solutions are proposed in the literature for sludge minimization and they can be applied either on wastewater line (WL) or sludge line (SL). This work is focused on different approaches based on the use of Thermophilic Aerobic Membrane Reactor (TAMR) this can be added to a CAS plant, and integrated to WL or SL, yielding a significant sludge reduction. The process performance was analysed in terms of volatile solids (VS) reduction and specific sludge production. The TAMR was tested both at full-scale and pilot-scale with different feeding substrates industrial wastewater for the full-scale plant; industrial wastewater, sludge and a mix of these for the pilot-scale plants. The results obtained are (i) good solids removal (38-90% and 40-50% in terms of VS for sludge and mix of industrial wastewater and sludge, respectively), (ii) low specific sludge production (0.01-0.09 kgVSS produced kgCOD removed-1 for industrial wastewater and 0.014-0.069 kgVSS produced kgCOD removed-1 for mix of industrial wastewater and sludge) and (iii) a significant reduction of sludge when CAS is improved with the TAMR technology.