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Residue of gutta-percha and a glass ionomer cement sealer following root canal retreatment.

Friedman, S; Moshonov, J; Trope, M.
Int Endod J; 26(3): 169-72, 1993 May.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-8406964
A previous report indicates that root canals obturated with a new glass ionomer cement endodontic sealer (Ketac-Endo, Espe, Germany) and laterally condensed gutta-percha can be retreated by ultrasonic instrumentation. To address the possibility of Ketac-Endo being used without condensation of gutta-percha, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of ultrasonic retreatment in canals obturated with single-cone gutta-percha and Ketac-Endo. Thirty root canals were prepared in a standardized way to ISO size 40 and obturated with gutta-percha and Ketac-Endo. Either a size 40 gutta-percha cone was used with and without lateral condensation, or a size 25 single cone, without condensation. After 14 days, the canals were retreated using chloroform and ultrasonic instrumentation. The roots were split vertically, and the amount of residual debris on the canal walls was assessed by three examiners using a dissecting microscope. Debris was recorded in the apical, middle and coronal canal levels according to a preset evaluation scale. The mean scores for each group were compared by ANOVA and Mann-Whitney U-test, with a 5% level of significance. In the roots obturated with lateral condensation the amounts of residual debris in the coronal and middle canal levels was lower than in the other two groups, whereas in the apical level it was higher. Statistically, only the differences in the apical level were significant (P < 0.03). It was concluded that ultrasonic retreatment may be performed effectively in root canals obturated with single-cone gutta-percha and Ketac-Endo.