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Design, evaluation and outcomes of leisure education programs: a systematic review / Concepção, avaliação e resultados de programas de educação para o lazer: uma revisão sistemática

Licere (Online); 24(01): 106-129, 20210317. ilus, tab
Artículo en Inglés | LILACS | ID: biblio-1179165
This study aimed to detail and analyse the design, evaluation and outcomes of leisure education programs. Each program was designed for a particular population with specific set of components, principles and goals. Some techniques were identified as useful to assist deliverers in effectively providing these services (e.g. contents, deliverers, delivery methods, settings and duration), which are essential aspects to consider when preparing and planning leisure education. In general, these programs may have a positive influence on diverse audiences, highlighting the potential of leisure-related activities engagement. Additionally, an evaluation of the used instruments was performed given that selecting an adequate instrument may determine the quality of reporting and whether a program may effectively broaden leisure-related experiences. We hope to contribute to the processes of developing such programs.
Biblioteca responsable: BR1878.9