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Structural Safety ; 13: 177-200, 1994. tab
Artigo em Inglês | Desastres | ID: des-7638


Past investigations of the public health consequences of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, have generally suffered from a lack of comprehensive data due, in part, to the difficulty faced in mounting a significant data collection effort in the aftermath of such an event. This lack of meaningful data severely hampers the ability of casualty researchers to develop reliable and robust estimates of death and injury in future events; these numbers are critical in planning for mitigation and response activities. The basic data required as imput to these models are risk factors for injury which can only effectively be estimated through a careful epidemiologic study of these injured (and not injured) in past events. This paper outlines the field of earthquake injury epidemiolgy and discusses the application of the collected data. An example of a recent case control study (in progress) is given. Implications for the broader application of these techniques to structural engineering are suggested (AU)

Terremotos , Medição de Risco , Epidemiologia , Fatores Epidemiológicos , Engenharia Sanitária , Saúde Pública
In. Davies, John E, ed; Freed, Virgil H., ed; Whittemore, Fred W., ed. An agromedical approach to pesticide management : Some health and environmental considerations. Washington D.C, U.S. Agency for International Development (AID);Consortium for International Crop Protection;University of Miami School of Medicine, set. 1990. p.50-61, ilus, Tab.
Monografia em Inglês | Desastres | ID: des-3393


Since pesticide exposures are ubiquitous, their possible adverse health constitute a serious agromedical problem. The development of both acute and chronic illness as a result of pesticide exposure are health isues which are of serious for agriculture and health. This Chapter, in reviewing some of the literature on cancer epidemiology and pesticides describes the health effects which have been related to chronic exposure and reviews the research potential of different epidemiologic types of studies (AU)

Praguicidas , Praguicidas , Uso de Praguicidas , Fatores Epidemiológicos
México, D.F; Centro Panamericano de Ecología Humana y Salud (ECO); 1984. 341 p. ilus, tab.
Não convencional em Espanhol | Desastres | ID: des-10207