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Int. j. high dilution res ; 14(1): 4-11, 2015. ilus, graf
Artigo em Inglês | HomeoIndex - Homeopatia | ID: hom-11057


Objective: In a series of experiments we showed that treatment of a plant or animal with a dilutedand agitated substance might affect other plants or animals connected to the former by the capillarywater in cotton threads. The aim of the present study was to establish whether drug effect could betransferred in a cell-free medium.Design: Two test tubes, each containing 1 ml of 1% starch solution and 1 ml of á-amylase, wereconnected by means wet cotton threads encased in a polythene tube. One of the tubes alsocontained Mercurius corrosivus (Merc-c) 30 cH and the other ethanol solution (control). After 15min, the enzyme activity was stopped with DNSA, and the breakdown product of starch, maltose,was estimated. A third, separate tube contained all the tested materials except for Merc-c and thecontrol solution. In a second experiment two tubes, one containing 1,200 ppm and the other 200ppm of maltose, were similarly connected over 15 min. Both experiments were repeated 20 times.Results: In the first experiment, the amount of maltose was similar in both connected tubes, but itwas significantly lower in the unconnected tube. In the second experiment, maltose concentrationin both tubes remained unchanged.Conclusion: The information of Merc-c 30 cH was effectively transferred through capillary waterbetween two tubes in cell-free medium. This effect was not due to physical transfer of either solventor solutes. Water seems to the most probable carrier of information in diluted and agitatedsolutions.(AU)

Maltose , Amido , Água , Mercurius Corrosivus/análise , Altas Potências , alfa-Amilases , Técnicas In Vitro , Homeopatia , Etanol
Homeopathy (Londres. 2002) ; 91(4): 217-220, oct. 2002. tab
Artigo em Inglês | HomeoIndex - Homeopatia | ID: hom-6857


Mercuric chloride 30c and Mercuric iodide 30c were prepared by successive dilution in 30 steps of 1:100 followed by sonication at 20 KHz for 30s at each step. Both were prepared in... (AU)

Pesquisa Homeopática Básica , alfa-Amilases , Amido , Mercurius Corrosivus , Hidrólise