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Int. microbiol ; 15(4): 201-210, dic. 2012. ilus, tab
Artigo em Inglês | IBECS | ID: ibc-110945


Vibrio alginolyticus has high genetic diversity, but little is known about the means by which it has been acquired. In this study, the distributions of mobile genetic elements (MGEs), including integrating conjugative elements (ICEs), superintegron-like cassettes (SICs), insertion sequences (ISs), and two types of transposase genes (valT1 and valT2), in 192 strains of V. alginolyticus were investigated. ICE, SIC, and IS elements, valT1, and valT2 were detected in 8.9%, 13.0%, 4.7%, 9.4%, and 2.6% of the strains, respectively. Blast searches and phylogenetic analysis of the acquired sequences of the ICE, SIC, IS elements and transposase genes showed that the corresponding homologues were bacterial and derived from extensive sources. The high prevalences of these MGEs in V. alginolyticus implied the extensive and frequent exchange of genes with environmental bacteria and that these elements strongly contribute to the genetic and phenotypic diversity of the bacterium. To our knowledge, this is the first report of V. alginolyticus harboring ICE and SIC elements (AU)

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Sequências Repetitivas Dispersas/genética , Vibrio alginolyticus/genética , Transferência Genética Horizontal/genética , Mutagênese Insercional , Transposases/genética , Integrons/genética , Genótipo , Fenótipo