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Mt. Hope; Faculty of Medical Sciences, The University of the West Indies; 1993. varied p. ilus.
Monografia em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-16512
J Pediatr ; 92(2): 325-33, Feb. 1978.
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-9556


Ninety-three patients with acute rheumatic fever and 195 patients with acute glomerulonephritis were observed in Trinidad during an outbreak of scabies with a high incidence of secondary streptococcal infections. Clinical and laboratory manifestations of ARF were the same as those seen in temperate zones, except that antistreptolysin O titers were less markedly increased. The patients with ARF were similar to those with AGN in respect to sex, race, location of residence, and living conditions, but were older and had markedly fewer skin infections. Currently prevalent nephritogenic streptococcal strains never were isolated from patients with ARF even when M55 streptococci appeared and led to an epidemic of AGN.(AU)

Humanos , Pré-Escolar , Adolescente , Masculino , Feminino , Glomerulonefrite/etiologia , Febre Reumática/etiologia , Infecções Estreptocócicas , Glomerulonefrite/complicações , Doença Aguda , Anticorpos Antibacterianos/análise , Antiestreptolisina , Estudo Comparativo , Surtos de Doenças , Faringe/microbiologia , Febre Reumática/complicações , População Rural , Escabiose/epidemiologia , Estações do Ano , Pele/microbiologia , Streptococcus pyogenes/isolamento & purificação , Streptococcus/isolamento & purificação , Trinidad e Tobago
J Laryngol Otol ; 84(6): 643-50, June 1970.
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-14743


A case of hypopharyngeal carcinoma developing in a ten-year-old Jamaican boy is presented. This is the youngest case of hypopharyngeal carcinoma by many years to be reported as far as can be determined from the available literature. The possible aetiological factors responsible for a cancer developing in one so young and the failure to find involvement of the regional lymphatic system with tumour cells is discussed. The relationship of cancer developing in the unaffected twin of a pair of mono- or dizygotic twins is also examined (AU)

Humanos , Criança , Masculino , Feminino , Carcinoma de Células Escamosas , Neoplasias Faríngeas , Biópsia , Isótopos do Cobalto , Doenças em Gêmeos , Tecido Linfoide/patologia , Neoplasias Faríngeas/etiologia , Neoplasias Faríngeas/genética , Neoplasias Faríngeas/patologia , Neoplasias Faríngeas/radioterapia , Faringe/patologia
Am J Epidemiol ; 88(2): 257-66, Sept. 1968.
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-12440


During 1964-1966, 94 cases of acute respiratory infection in Trinidad were found to be associated with respiratory syncytial virus infection. The clinical picture ranged from mild upper respiratory tract infection to severe infection of the lower respiratry tract. Seventy-nine of the patients were less than three years of age; 70 were diagnosed clinically as having bronchiolitis or pneumonia. Outbreaks of respiratory syncytial virus infection occurred annually during the rainy season in the second half of each year. The pattern was similar to that of temperate climates where outbreakes have occurred annually in the late fall and early winter or late winter and early spring. Although respiratory syncytial virus is reported to be relatively unstable, 18 strains of the virus were recovered from pharyngeal swabs that had been stored frozen at -56 C for 6-9 months. No antigenic relationships between respiratory syncytial virus and other myxoviruses were demonstrated by complement fixation tests on paired sera from three clinical cases of respiratory syncytial virus infection. The studies demonstrate the importance of respiratory pathogen on a tropical island. (AU)

Humanos , Lactente , Pré-Escolar , Criança , Adolescente , Adulto , Masculino , Feminino , Infecções por Orthomyxoviridae/epidemiologia , Vírus Sinciciais Respiratórios/isolamento & purificação , Infecções Respiratórias/microbiologia , Testes de Fixação de Complemento , Faringe/microbiologia , Nariz/microbiologia , Infecções por Orthomyxoviridae/imunologia , Vírus Sinciciais Respiratórios/imunologia , Infecções Respiratórias/epidemiologia , Trinidad e Tobago