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West Indian med. j ; 44(3): 96-8, Sept. 1995.
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-5883


The aetiology of vaginal discharge was studied in 175 Barbadian women. Pregnant women accounted for 52 percent (91) of the population studied. Candida albicans was detected in 45 percent of the women, bacterial vaginosis in 28 percent and Trichomonas vaginalis in 8.6 percent. Bacterial vaginosis was more common in non-pregnant women (33 percent vs 23 per cent) whereas C. albicans was more common in pregnant women. Mixed infections were found in 10 women and an aetiological agent was detected in 75 percent of the women studied. These data emphasize the need for laboratory investigation of vaginal discharge since each of these infections can be treated effectively with specific agents (AU)

Humanos , Feminino , Gravidez , Adolescente , Adulto , Pessoa de Meia-Idade , Vaginite/etiologia , Vaginose Bacteriana/diagnóstico , Vaginose Bacteriana/tratamento farmacológico , Vaginite por Trichomonas/diagnóstico , Vaginite por Trichomonas/tratamento farmacológico , Candidíase Vulvovaginal/diagnóstico , Candidíase Vulvovaginal/tratamento farmacológico , Azóis/uso terapêutico , Metronidazol/uso terapêutico , Clindamicina/uso terapêutico
Postgrad Doc - Caribbean ; 8(4): 124-30, 1992.
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-9496


Metronidazole (Flagyl) is a 5-nitroimidazole extensively used in many countries in the treatment of several protozoan infections (trichomoniasis, giardiasis, amoebiasis) and obligate anaerobic infections. It is well tolerated orally and parentally with minimal untoward effects. Metronidazole is rapidly replacing clindamycin in many countries, as resistance to clindamycin has been reported. Metronidazole crosses the blood-brain barrier readily, diffuses well into pus and is therefore very effective in the treatment of brain abscess due to anaerobes. In combination with an aminoglycoside, metronidazole provides grood prophlaxis perioperatively in intra-abdominal surgery. Metronidazole is also useful in the management of other diseases such as pseudomembranous colitis and rosacea. Metronidazole is inexpensive when compared with other antibiotics used to treat anaerobic infections, (for example clindamycin). (Summary)

Humanos , Adulto , Feminino , Atividade Bactericida do Sangue/efeitos dos fármacos , Aminoglicosídeos/uso terapêutico , Vaginite/tratamento farmacológico , Metronidazol/uso terapêutico , Vaginite por Trichomonas/tratamento farmacológico , Disenteria Amebiana/tratamento farmacológico , Vaginite/tratamento farmacológico , Aminoglicosídeos/administração & dosagem , Aminoglicosídeos/uso terapêutico , Rosácea/tratamento farmacológico , Abscesso Encefálico/tratamento farmacológico
West Indian med. j ; 24(4): 179-81, Dec. 1975.
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-11119


Trichomonas vaginalis was treated by using a single dose of 2 gms. Trinidazole in 72 non-pregnant females and their husbands/consorts. Sixty-seven were followed for six weeks and 64 (94.2 per cent) were cured, while three were considered failures-two method failures-and one patient failure. Second doses of Tinidazole in these three patients were successful. Five patients were lost to follow-up and of these, three believed cured. Side effects were minimal gastro-intestinal disturbances in four patients. These results suggest that the single dose treatment is highly acceptable to both patient, husband/consort as well as to the doctor prescribing against trichomonas vaginalis (AU)

Adulto , Feminino , Humanos , Masculino , Nitroimidazóis/administração & dosagem , Tinidazol/administração & dosagem , Vaginite por Trichomonas/tratamento farmacológico , Tinidazol/uso terapêutico
South Med J ; 65(7): 890-4, July 1972.
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-12145


This paper is very timely in its relationship to the current epidemic of gonorrhea in this country and as reported by the western nations. It emphasizes the difficulty in establishing the diagnosis of gonorrhea in women and girls without using cultures from the cervix and rectum. The new media soon available to the practising profession will be a boon in this regard. Mixed infections or infestations have been proven in instances of vaginitis. The smear is of little value alone. This study does not touch upon the high percentage of women infected with gonorrhea who are asymptomatic. (AU)

Humanos , Feminino , Gonorreia/diagnóstico , Esfregaço Vaginal , Vulvovaginite/diagnóstico , Técnicas Bacteriológicas , Candida albicans/isolamento & purificação , Candidíase Vulvovaginal/diagnóstico , Muco do Colo Uterino/microbiologia , Diagnóstico Diferencial , Gonorreia/microbiologia , Neisseria gonorrhoeae/isolamento & purificação , Reto/microbiologia , Vaginite por Trichomonas/isolamento & purificação , Vaginite por Trichomonas/diagnóstico