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Kingston; Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute; 1993. 19 p. tab.
Monografia em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-7980


The majority of the population enjoys a good nutritional status. For the remainder an uneven situation exists where there is wasting and stunting as well as obesity and the chronic non-communicable nutrition related diseases. The causes of malnutrition are complex and multifactorial. In the Caribbean, poverty and inadequate knowledge are seen as being the major underlying causes. An adequacy of available foods is essential, and has been achieved in all Caribbean countries. However, in identifiable communities in most countries there is a deficiency of food security in the poorest households, due to a disadvantageous relationship between food prices and household incomes. In definable communities too, there is a significant amount of undernutrition particularly among young children. There is need to investigate further intra-familial food distribution. The persistence of low birth weight - a phenomenon most prevalent among teen-aged mothers - points to the need to target nutrition interventions to adolescent girls. A large percentage of the food eaten is imported. In some cases food choices have aggravated health risk. Most of the CARICOM region consumes too much sugar and salt, too much fat and too little complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. This consumption pattern is associated with an increase in heart disease, cerebro-vascular accidents, diabetes and some cancers. The way food is prepared is also vitally important. Infections and lifestyles are critical to nutritional status. Good nutrition is an input as well as a result of positive development. (Summary)

Humanos , Estado Nutricional , Comportamento Alimentar , Abastecimento de Alimentos , Transtornos Nutricionais , Doenças Nutricionais e Metabólicas , Manipulação de Alimentos