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Int J Legal Med ; 110(1): 5-9, 1997.
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-1999


Data have been collected from 602 Caucasians, 190 Afro-Caribbeans and 257 Asians of Indo/Pakistani descent who have been profiled using a new six locus short tandem repeat (STR) multiplex. The data have been analysed by conventional significance testing methods: the exact test, homozygosity, and conventional goodness of fit to Hardy-Weinberg proportions. Frequency tables are given and the expected performance in British forensic casework is discussed.(AU)

Estudo Comparativo , Humanos , Grupos Étnicos/genética , Marcadores Genéticos/genética , Sequências Repetitivas de Ácido Nucleico/genética , Homozigoto , Modelos Genéticos , Probabilidade , Mapeamento Cromossômico , Frequência do Gene , Genética Populacional , Genótipo , Triagem de Portadores Genéticos
J Clin Invest ; 96(2): 687-92, Aug 1995.
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-5341


The renin-angiotensin system regulates blood pressure and sodium balance. The angiotensinogen gene which encodes the key substrate within the system has been linked to essential hypertension in white Europeans. It has been suggested that people of West African ancestry may have a different genetic basis for hypertension. In this study we have tested whether there is linkage of the angiotensinogen to essential hypertension in African Caribbeans from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. DNA from 63 affected sibling pairs with hypertension was tested for linkage by analyzing whether there was excess allele sharing among sibling genotyped using an angiotensingogen dinucleotide repeat sequence. There was significant support for linkage (T = 3.07, P = 0.001) and association of this locus to hypertension (Xý = 50.2, 12 degrees of freedom, P ó 0.001). A DNA polymorphism which alters methionine to threonine at position 235 (M235T) within the angiotensinogen peptide has been associated previously with hypertension. However, we found no association of this variant with hypertension in this study. These findings provide support for linkage and association of the angiotensinogen locus to hypertension in African Caribbeans and suggest some similarities in the genetic basis of essential hypertension in populations of different ethnicity (AU)

Adulto , Pessoa de Meia-Idade , Idoso , Feminino , Humanos , Masculino , Angiotensinogênio/genética , Hipertensão/etnologia , Hipertensão/genética , /genética , África/etnologia , Consumo de Bebidas Alcoólicas/epidemiologia , Glicemia/análise , Hipertensão/epidemiologia , Ligação Genética , Núcleo Familiar , Oligonucleotídeos , Polimorfismo Genético , Sequências Repetitivas de Ácido Nucleico , Índias Ocidentais/epidemiologia , Índice de Massa Corporal , Alelos