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Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: biblio-995698


Aims or Objectives: This study explored the perspectives of Obstetricians and Registered Nurses/Midwives on the presence of prospective fathers in the delivery room with a view to understanding the implications for the mother as well as the prospective father. Methods: A qualitative research design using a phenomenological approach to understand the nuances and challenges that affect the perceptions and attitudes of Obstetricians and registered Nurses/Midwives on the research issue. Nine Focus Group Discussions and six Key Informant Interviews were the data collection strategies. Data were coded openly then combined to form themes which was utilized as the framework for data analysis. Results: Two major themes emerged in the findings which included potential benefits to the mother, potential benefits to the prospective father and potential benefits to the relationship. Generally, Obstetricians and Registered Nurses/Midwives held positive views about their presence in the delivery suite. This was related to the perceived positive impact that he could have on the woman during the inter-natal and post-natal periods as well as the quality of the relationship. By extension, their presence could have positive long term benefits on the quality of the relationship. Conclusions: The presence of prospective fathers in the delivery room could have a positive impact on the delivery experience for mothers, fathers and the long term relationship. However, the findings could provide a framework for other studies including a prospective study on the long term implications for the presence of prospective fathers in the delivery room.

Salas de Parto , Parto , Pai
Mona; s.n; Nov. 2001. i,36 p. ilus, tab, gra.
Tese em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-17167


Reducing health inequities associated with poverty is an important public health concern. Most countries in expressing their commitment to primary health care and the reduction in inequity have embarked on a health reform process. This process involves the re-orientation of the health services to fit the primary health care model and bringing decision-making, planning of health policies and delivery systems closer to the people who are served by it. However developing the capability to establish reliable information systems and to analyze health status measures is a necessary adjunct to facilitate a more precise definition of sectoral priorities, improved programming, monitoring and evaluation of health programs in order to ensure a smooth transition and minimal displacement of those being served by the system. Community hospitals ... A retrospective study was carried out examining the records of women delivered at the community hospitals of the Northeast region during the period January to December 1999. A cross sectional survey of the women attending antenatal clinic at the facilities was also carried out using the hospital records and a questionnaire designed for the purpose. One third of the deliveries occuring in these facilities were found to be high risk and one of the two facilities was found to be having complication rate that is significantly higher than that of the general population. A fifth of the women are teenagers and the majority genrally of low socio economic status with very little earning potential. The majority however lived ... Which may explain their preference for using these facilities in spite of their risk status. Stricter attention should be paid to the women being admitted for delivery at community hospitals and a more liberal referral policy be adopted though it is noted that a significant number of high risk cases present to community hospital at a point in labour where time might not afford effective transfer. The community hospitals should therefore be equipped with basic resuscitation equipment inclusive of even one incubator for use while the compromised baby awaits transfer, and the nursing sraff and midwives under go frequent refresher courses re the management of common obstetric complications. A doctor should also be available on call on a twenty-four hour basis (AU)

Feminino , Gravidez , Acesso aos Serviços de Saúde , Política de Saúde , Gravidez , Parto , Jamaica , Região do Caribe
Trinidad; The Caribbean Institute of Perinatology (CIP); 1993. ^f1^l13 p. tab.
Monografia em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-17109


Antepartum passage of meconium remains a common perinatal problem in the Caribbean and the purpose of this study was to examine this problem in all babies born at the Mount Hope Women's Hospital (MHWH), Trinidad, during the period January 1 to December 31, 1991. The medical records of all 5,397 live births at the MHWH during the study period were retrospectively reviewed. Those with meconium staining of the amniotic fluid (graded as slight or old and thick) were identified both by using the ICD code and by examination of the medical records. Maternal, perinatal and neonatal data were collected and analyzed using Epi-Info software programme. The findings clearly indicate the need for improvement in delivery room management of mother and foetus and early neonatal care. These needs can be met through an increase in staff complement, regular in-service training and an adequate supply of consumables and proper planned maintenance of equipment(AU)

Humanos , Recém-Nascido , Mecônio , Líquido Amniótico , Trinidad e Tobago , Parto , Região do Caribe