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Science ; 287(5454): 857-9, Feb. 2000.
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-863


Most marine populations are thought to be well connected via long-distance dispersal of larval stages. Eulerian and Lagrangian flow models, coupled with linear mortality estimates, were used to examine this assumption. The findings show that when simple advection models are used, larval exchange rates may be overestimated; such simplistic models fail to account for a decrease of up to nine orders of magnitude in larval concentrations resulting from diffusion and mortality. The alternative process of larval retention near local populations is shown to exist and may be of great importance in the maintenance of marine population structure and management of coastal marine resources.(Au)

21003 , Ecossistema , Peixes/fisiologia , Água do Mar , Barbados , Simulação por Computador , Geografia , Larva/fisiologia , Biologia Marinha , Modelos Biológicos , Dinâmica Populacional
West Indian med. j ; 32(3): 147-51, Sept. 1983.
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-11426


The occurrence of bacteria in oysters (Crassotrea rhizophorae) and seawater from Jamaican commercial oyster-culture sites was determined, using standard microbiological methods. Vibrio vulnificus, V. cholerae (non-01, non-toxigenic), V. parahaemolyticus and V. alginolyticus were identified in seawater samples, and the latter two mildly pathogenic species in oysters. The pathogenicity of halophilic vibrios is reviewed. The results suggest that correct selection of oyster-culture sites may significantly reduce the public health hazards associated with shellfish, and that more and precise information is required on the geographical and seasonal distribution of infection risk (AU)

21003 , Microbiologia de Alimentos , Ostreidae/microbiologia , Água do Mar , Vibrioses/transmissão , Sais/análise , Microbiologia da Água , Jamaica