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International dental journal ; 56(4): 209-214, Aug. 2006. tab
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-17396


AIM: To report the results of a survey of all percutaneous injuries occurring in 2003-2004 to staff and students at the dental school in Trinidad. METHOD: Data were collected via 163 questionnaires administered to all dental surgery assistants, the current clinical students (years 3, 4 & 5), the interns, part-time and full-time academic staff. RESULTS: A 71% response rate was obtained. The number of persons reporting one or more sharps injuries at the dental school was 42 (37%). Of these, 17 (40%) were percutaneous. Needlesticks and periodontal scaler injuries were the most common. There was no significant correlation (p>0.05) between injury and gender, age group, dominant hand or needle recapping technique. 75% of respondents described their concern of contracting a blood-borne disease from a sharps injury as "high" and 59% of the respondents followed the school's recommended protocol following the injury. 50% of the injuries among the students and interns were not reported. CONCLUSIONS: A more rigorous programme of risk management with respect to sharps injuries needs to be designed and implemented at the school. There is also a need to improve surveillance of and reduce the underreporting of these injuries

Humanos , Infecções , Infecção Laboratorial/sangue , Controle de Infecções Dentárias , Recursos Humanos em Odontologia , Equipe Hospitalar de Odontologia
In. Anon. Health conditions in the Caribbean. Washington, D.C, Pan American Health Organisation, 1997. p.221-35, tab.
Monografia em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-558
West Indian Dental J ; 3(1): 66-7, Dec. 1996.
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-2003
Kingston; s.n; 1996. 9 p. ilus.
Não convencional em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-606


A site visit and review of the Jamaica Dental Auxiliary Training programs were made by Professor Eric E Spohn on December 3 to 8, 1995. The attached report contains the Terms of Reference, list of persons interviewed, background statement, technical evaluations, conclusions, and recommendations. This program, developed in 1970, continues to serve the needs of the citizens of Jamaica for dental nurses and assistants. In the past 25 years there have been major changes in the level of training required for oral health care personnel in basic and clinical sciences. The most significant finding of this site visit is the fact that this program is not currently a part of Jamaica's tertiary educational system. It is recommended that this be remedied as soon as feasible by an affiliation with the University of Technology or other appropriate tertiary educational program. Other significant findings of this site visit include the fact that the program is operating at less than one-half capacity with a shortage of personnel and seriously compromised equipment, instruments and supplies. High priority must be given to providing more resources to support this program's infrastructure so that student education and clinical patient care are not jeopardized. Additional recommendations include providing administration and teacher training workshops for faculty as well as continuing education for practicing dentists and dental nurses. Also needed are up to date training materials, equipment and supplies to improve the educational programs. Affiliation with a quality tertiary educational institution will hopefully help to correct these shortcomings. The goal of this program review was to evaluate the program, develop conclusions, make recommendations to benefit the training of dental nurses and assistants, and to ultimately bring the benefits of oral health to the people of Jamaica.(AU)

Humanos , Recursos Humanos em Odontologia/educação , Assistentes de Odontologia/educação , Auxiliares de Odontologia/educação , Jamaica , Educação , Educação em Odontologia
In. Aponte Merced, Luis A. Oral health of 6, 12, and 15 year old children: population sample of Grenada. s.l, s.n., Nov. 1991. p.1-8.
Monografia em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-4942


Presents details of a plan for the Dental Department aimed at providing adequate dental care to the entire population. The programme is divided into six areas: department structure and administration; preventive dental programme; adult programme; and miscellaneous programmes associated with all of the aforementioned

Serviços de Saúde Bucal/organização & administração , Recursos Humanos em Odontologia , Unidade Hospitalar de Odontologia/organização & administração , Granada