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Nyam news ; (April): 1-3, Apr. 2010. tab
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-17588


Ever wonder what's this fuss over organic foods? The term organic usually refers to the way in which farmers grow and process their agriculture produce, such as meats, fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products. Organic foods are foods that are grown without chemicals or genetic modification.

Animais , Humanos , Alimentos Integrais , Trinidad e Tobago , Jamaica , Região do Caribe
Nyam news ; (November): 1-3, November 2008. tab
Artigo em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-17858


Sugar has been, over the years, important to the Caribbean as it is one of our major exports, made from the sugar cane grown in many countries. In addition to using it in sweetening drinks and in cakes, pudding and pastries, we use sugar in our own confectionary such as peppermint candy, tamarind balls. coconut, peanut or almond drops. among many other uses. In this Issue of Nayam News we look at sugar in the diet and whether indiscriminate consumption of sugar leads directly to persons becoming obese.

Saúde , Alimentos Integrais/normas , Carboidratos , Sacarose na Dieta
Paramaribo; PAHO/WHO; Feb. 1999. [50] p. ilus, tab.
Monografia em Inglês | MedCarib | ID: med-1101
Paramaribo; s.n; Nov. 1989. 16 p.
Monografia em Nl | MedCarib | ID: med-2176


Through food essential nutrients are ingested into the body. To prevent foodborne diseases, the food should be prepared hygienically. This applies to households, as well as mass catering. Each government should supervise mass catering. Food hygiene is also important for the food trade. The time between the preparation and eating of food, as well as the place where this happens, are also important. Food should be eaten shortly after its preparation (1-2 hours). It may contain unwanted chemical or biological substances. Various forms of mass catering are discussed. According to the WHO there is a small number of factors responsible for most of the foodborne diseases. That is why 10 golden rules for foodhandling were drawn up

Humanos , Resumo em Inglês , Ciências da Nutrição , Recursos Humanos em Nutrição/normas , Alimentos , Alimentos Integrais/microbiologia , Alimentos Integrais/envenenamento , Alimentos Integrais/normas , Alimentos Integrais , Consumo de Alimentos/normas , Contaminação de Alimentos/prevenção & controle , Higiene dos Alimentos/métodos , Higiene dos Alimentos/normas , Comportamento Alimentar , Manipulação de Alimentos/métodos , Inspeção de Alimentos , Conservação de Alimentos , Suriname
Paramaribo; Author; s.d. 107 p. ilus.
Monografia em Nl | MedCarib | ID: med-1087


The three bioforces(tridosha) are responsible for the arising of natural urges and individual preference in food-tastes. They govern the creation, maintance and destruction of bodily tissues, and the evacuationand elimination of wastes products from the body. They are also responsible for psychological and spiritual phenomena including such emotions are fear, anger, anxiety and greed.And for the highest order of human experiences, love, compassion and understanding. The bioforces are the foundation of thepsychosomatic existence of men. To maintain or restore the balance on behalf of healthy life one must use food and tastes, according to her or his own constitution. Imbalance of dosha is caused by unproper food and tastes, which creates toxins called ama. Ama is the root of all kind of chronically diseases and it aggravates the ojas. Ojes is life essence responsible for immunity system in the body. The tastes, bitter and astringent are very beneficial to eliminate and evacuate the bodily toxin(ama) produced by impaired food tastes and unproper life-circumstances.....(AU)

Humanos , Medicina Ayurvédica , Plantas Medicinais , Alimentos Integrais , Suriname