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s.l; Ministry of Health; dec. 2013. 114 p. ilus.
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The preparation of Health Vision 2020 reflects the collaborative work of a number of governmental agencies, programmes and stakeholders under the leadership of the Ministry of Health. The technical drafting and coordination of the strategy development was completed by the Planning Unit of the Ministry, led by my office and facilitated with assistance from PanAmerican Health Organization/ World Health Organization Consultant. We are grateful for the considered support and technical cooperation given by the PAHO/WHO, whose assistance made possible the successful completion of this critical document. I wish to recognize the invaluable contribution by the Honourable Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsaran in providing guidance on the overall vision and general strategic direction aligned to the government's health commitment to the people of Guyana. The insight of the Parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Joseph Hamilton, Permanent Secretary, Mr. Leslie Cadogan and Deputy Permanent Secretary, Mr. Trevor Thomas in supporting the development of the strategic framework, defining the polices for Health Vision 2020 and ensuring wide stakeholder contribution added tremendous value to the multifaceted inputs into the strategy. I, on behalf of the Ministry, take this opportunity to acknowledge the contributions made by stakeholders within and outside the health sector of Guyana, in particular our programme directors and health workers, regional officers and other managers in the health system, clinicians in the private and public sectors, counterparts in other sectors and government agencies, civil society organizations, faith based organizations, the media and other partners in health. Sincerest thanks are extended to members of the general public and all people of Guyana for who this strategy was developed. The ministry looks forward to your full support and thanks you in advance for your feedback as we all strive to ensure that all persons in Guyana enjoy good health

Estrategias de Salud Nacionales , Gestión de la Calidad Total , Promoción de la Salud , Programas Nacionales de Salud/normas , Atención Dirigida al Paciente , Asociación entre el Sector Público-Privado , Guyana
[Georgetown]; Guyana. Ministry of Health; [2013?]. 79 p. tab, ilus.
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Use of malaria medicines is essential and critical in our response to the malaria situation in Guyana. It is part of the final link between patients and health services. Availability of malaria medicines and diagnostic supplies can only be realized by improving the opportunity to manage these commodities in an efficient manner. For these reasons, this manual will address all aspects of the pharmaceutical management cycle. The manual provides basic information for the successful operation of the supply chain for Malaria Medicines and Supplies. The intention is to use this manual for training and orientation of health workers in best practices of the drug management cycle, in pursuit of securing performance improvements to the malaria program.

Humanos , Masculino , Femenino , Lactante , Preescolar , Niño , Adolescente , Adulto , Adulto Joven , Antimaláricos/provisión & distribución , Instituciones de Salud/normas , Químicos de Laboratorio/provisión & distribución , Malaria/prevención & control , Administración Farmacéutica/normas , Malaria/diagnóstico , Malaria/terapia , Control de Vectores de las Enfermedades
Georgetown; Guyana. Ministry of Health; 2008. 1-90 p. ilus, maps, tab.
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The Basic Malaria Microscopy Manuals, Manual of Standard Operating Procedures for Malaria Microscopic Diagnosis and Training Manual Tutor's Guide, for conducting microscopic diagnosis of malaria in Guyana was developed jointly by the Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) through the RAVREDA-AMI Project. These Manuals are necessary to ensure all partners involved in the multitask holder approach to the control of malaria in Guyana follow the principles of best practices globally tailored to suit the local epidemiologic, social and clinical aspects of malaria control in the country.

Humanos , Masculino , Femenino , /métodos , Diagnóstico , Malaria , Manuales como Asunto/normas , Guyana/epidemiología
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It presents the ministry, its ministers, departments, health services, programms, information on health education, news, events and publications.

Administración en Salud Pública , Promoción de la Salud , Agencias Gubernamentales
St. Augustine; Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute; 1982. 21 p. tab. (CFNI-T-21-82).
Monografía en Inglés | MedCarib | ID: med-15136
St. Augustine; Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute; 1982. 21 p. tab. (CFNI-T-21-82).
Monografía en Inglés | LILACS | ID: lil-142573