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Medicine (Baltimore) ; 100(4): e23898, 2021 Jan 29.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33530186


INTRODUCTION: Mechanical ventilation is a powerful tool for the treatment of various critical emergencies. However, surviving critically ill patients often have poor psychological and physiological outcomes. Prevention of various complications and adverse outcomes of mechanical ventilation is a priority and a challenge in the intensive care unit (ICU). Early intervention is the key to reducing complications and improving outcomes of mechanical ventilation in the ICU. As an auxiliary rehabilitation treatment, the improved sitting Wuqinxi intervention has recognized unique advantages. It has achieved beneficial therapeutic effects during early intervention in clinical practice. It can reduce the incidence of delirium, shorten the duration of mechanical ventilation, and prevent complications and secondary damages related to mechanical ventilation in the ICU. Therefore, the purpose of this study will be to explore the effect of improved sitting Wuqinxi on the clinical outcomes of mechanically ventilated ICU patients. METHODS: This prospective, multicenter, randomized, single-blinded, parallel controlled clinical study will involve 160 patients who met the inclusion criteria. The patients will be randomly divided into the experimental and control groups. Both groups will be given standardized comprehensive western medicine treatment (including mechanical ventilation) and routine care in the ICU. Management of the experimental group will also include "improved sitting Wuqinxi," with the treatment objective to observe the effect of the improved sitting Wuqinxi intervention on the clinical outcomes in mechanically ventilated ICU patients. The outcome measures will include the incidence of complications, duration of mechanical ventilation, length of ICU stay, and cost of hospitalization. In addition, the effect of the improved sitting Wuqinxi intervention on the safety indexes of mechanically ventilated ICU patients will be assessed and the clinical effects of the improved sitting Wuqinxi intervention will be comprehensively evaluated. DISCUSSION: The purpose of this study will be to evaluate the effect of the improved sitting Wuqinxi intervention on the incidence of complications, duration of mechanical ventilation, length of ICU stay, cost of hospitalization, and safety indicators. If successful, it will provide a reliable, simple, and feasible auxiliary rehabilitation treatment scheme for mechanically ventilated ICU patients.

Cuidados Críticos/métodos , Medicina China Tradicional/métodos , Respiración Artificial , Delirio/prevención & control , Humanos , Estudios Prospectivos , Respiración Artificial/efectos adversos , Método Simple Ciego , Sedestación , Factores de Tiempo , Desconexión del Ventilador
Mol Med Rep ; 22(6): 4992-5002, 2020 Dec.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33173976


Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a chronic disease causing severe impairment to the respiratory system and digestive tracts. Currently, CF is incurable. As an autosomal recessive disorder, the morbidity of CF is significantly higher among Caucasians of European descent, whereas it is less pervasive among African and Asian populations. The disease is caused by identical mutations (homozygosity) or different mutations (heterozygosity) of an autosomal recessive mutation at position 7q31.2­q31.1 of chromosome 7. Diagnostic criteria and guidelines work concurrently with laboratory detection to facilitate precise CF detection. With technological advances, the understanding of CF pathogenesis has reached an unprecedented level, allowing for increasingly precise carrier screening, more effective early stage CF intervention and improved prognostic outcomes. These advances significantly increase the life quality and expectancy of patients with CF. Given the numerous improvements in the field of CF, the current review summarized the technical advances in the study of the molecular mechanisms underlying CF, as well as how these improvements facilitate the clinical outcomes of CF. Furthermore, challenges and obstacles to overcome are discussed.

Sci Rep ; 9(1): 15999, 2019 11 05.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31690791


As a multifunctional material, biochar is considered a potential adsorbent for removing heavy metals from wastewater. Most biochars with high adsorption capacities have been modified, but this modification is uneconomical, and modifying biochar may cause secondary pollution. Thus, it is necessary to develop an efficient biochar without modification. In this study, spent P. ostreatus substrate and spent shiitake substrate were used as the raw materials to prepare biochar. Then, the physicochemical properties of the biochars and their removal efficiencies for Pb(II) were investigated. The results showed that the physicochemical properties (e.g., large BET surface area, small pore structure and abundant functional groups) contributed to the large adsorption capacity for Pb(II); the maximum adsorption capacities were 326 mg g-1 (spent P. ostreatus substrate-derived biochar) and 398 mg g-1 (spent shiitake substrate-derived biochar), which are 1.6-10 times larger than those of other modified biochars. The Pb(II) adsorption data could be well described by the pseudo-second-order kinetic model and the Langmuir model. This study provides a new method to comprehensively utilize spent mushroom substrates for the sustainable development of the edible mushroom industry.

Carbón Orgánico/química , Plomo/química , Pleurotus/química , Hongos Shiitake/química , Residuos/análisis , Adsorción , Cinética
Front Physiol ; 10: 691, 2019.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31191366


Purpose: Exercise health benefits are partly mediated by exertional changes in several myokines/adipokines. This study aimed to compare the acute response of some of these biomarkers to aerobic exercise performed at the intensity corresponding to the maximum fat oxidation rate (FATmax) or the "anaerobic" threshold (AT). Methods: Following a cross-over, counterbalanced design, 14 healthy untrained men (23 ± 1 years) performed a 45-min exercise bout at their FATmax or AT intensity (been previously determined through incremental exercise tests). The concentration of interleukin (IL)-15, follistatin, myostatin, fibroblast-growth factor (FGF)-21, irisin, resistin, and omentin was measured at baseline and 0, 1, 3, 24, 48, and 72 h post-exercise. Results: AT exercise was performed at a higher intensity (85 ± 8 vs. 52 ± 14% of maximal oxygen uptake [VO2 max], p < 0.001) and induced a higher energy expenditure (p < 0.001) than FATmax, whereas a greater fat oxidation was observed in the latter (p < 0.001). A higher peak response of FGF-21 (+90%, p < 0.01) and follistatin (+49%, p < 0.05) was found after AT-exercise, as well as a trend toward a higher peak level of omentin (+13%, p = 0.071) and a greater decrease in resistin (-16%, p = 0.073). Conclusion: Increasing exercise load (from FATmax to AT) results in a higher response of FGF-21, follistatin and omentin to aerobic exercise, with the subsequent potential cardiometabolic benefits. No effects were, however, observed on the remainder of biomarkers. Future research should address if manipulating other exercise variables (e.g., type, frequency) can promote a higher myokine/adipokine response.

Front Physiol ; 9: 1735, 2018.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30559681


Purpose: This study aimed to compare the response to acute exercise of several myokines/hormones involved in metabolic function between two types of training sessions that are growing in popularity for their purported cardiometabolic benefits, high-intensity interval (HIIT) and resistance training (RT). Methods: Seventeen healthy, non-athletic men (23 ± 3 years) participated in this cross-over study. They randomly performed a HIIT [with short (HIIT1) or long (HIIT2) intervals] or a RT session. The concentration of fibroblast-growth factor (FGF) 21, follistatin, ghrelin, interleukin-15, irisin, myostatin, and peptide YY was measured at baseline and 0, 1, 3, 24, 48, and 72 h post-exercise. An individual approach was adopted to determine the rate of responsiveness to each specific cytokine and training mode. Results: A significant condition (session type) by time interaction (p = 0.004) effect was observed for FGF21, with RT eliciting a greater area under the curve (AUC) concentration than HIIT1 (p = 0.02). The AUC for follistatin was significantly greater after HIIT2 compared with RT (p = 0.02). Individual responsiveness to all session types ranged between 19 and 93% depending on the cytokine. However, most subjects (71-100%) responded positively for all cytokines (except for irisin, with only 53% of responders) after 1+ session type. Conclusion: Except for FGF21, our results show no overall differences in the myokine response to HIIT or RT. A considerable individual variability was observed, with some subjects responding to some but not other training session types. Notwithstanding, most responded to at least one training session. Thus, it is mostly the individual response of each subject rather than general recommendations on type of training session (i.e., RT vs. HIIT or HIIT subtypes) that must be taken into consideration for maximizing cardiometabolic benefits in the context of personalized exercise prescription.

Sci Data ; 5: 180042, 2018 03 27.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29583142


To meet researchers' increasing interest in the fast growing innovation activities taking place in China, we match patents filed with China's State Intellectual Property Office to firms covered in China's Census. China has experienced a strong growth in patent filings over the past two decades, and has since 2011 become the world's top patent filing country. China's Census database covers about one million unique manufacturing firms from 1998-2009, representing the broad Chinese economy. We design data parsing and pre-processing routines to clean and stem firm and assignee names, create a matching algorithm that fits with our data and maintains a balance between matching accuracy and workload of manual check, and implement a systematic manual check process to filter out false positives generated from computerized matching. Our project generates 1,113,588 matches for the Census firms, among which 849,647 patents are uniquely matched. By creating the patent-firm linked dataset, we hope to reduce duplicative effort and encourage more research to better understand China's fast changing innovation landscape.