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Encephale ; 16(1): 35-40, 1990.
Artículo en Francés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-2328683


Metapramine (Timaxel) and his three major metabolites (19148 RP, 23669 RP, 19749 RP) have been determined in the plasma of 18 depressed inpatients treated by the antidepressant drug (12 women and 6 men; 7 are smokers and 11 non-smokers). In a steady state, interindividual variability is very important, especially for 23669 RP. No significant correlation exists between normalized doses ( and normalized plasma concentrations ( of metapramine or anyone of its metabolites. The plasma metabolic ratios reveal also important intraindividual and interindividual variability. Two populations of patients seem to exist: extensive metabolizers and relatively poor metabolizers, without apparent clinical consequence because 23669 RP shows an antidepressant activity. Women seem, with equal normalized doses, to exhibit higher plasma levels of unchanged metapramine than men, due to a lower protein-binding rather than to a more active metabolism. In patients who received a poly-medication smoking seems not to induce desmethylation of metapramine. The plasma metabolic ratios, compared by the analysis of variance and the Wilcoxon distribution-free test, are significatively influenced by sex and not by tobacco-smoking.

Antidepresivos Tricíclicos/sangre , Trastorno Depresivo/sangre , Dibenzazepinas/sangre , Adulto , Anciano , Antidepresivos Tricíclicos/uso terapéutico , Trastorno Depresivo/tratamiento farmacológico , Dibenzazepinas/uso terapéutico , Humanos , Persona de Mediana Edad , Caracteres Sexuales , Fumar/sangre , Factores de Tiempo
Int Clin Psychopharmacol ; 2(3): 225-37, 1987 Jul.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-3320186


In an open, clinical trial comprising a total of 21 depressed in-patients (6 men and 15 women) citalopram was administered in doses of 20-60 mg once daily for a period of at least 3 weeks. Fourteen of the patients were treated for 4 weeks, and 6 of these patients were treated for another 2 weeks. The CPRS subscale for depression (MADRS) and a global evaluation were used for assessment of the therapeutic effect. Twelve patients showed complete or partial response to treatment, and generally onset of therapeutic effect was seen within the first 2 weeks of treatment. Side-effects were generally few and mild, anxiety being the most frequent one. No pathological laboratory values were recorded, and apart from one case of slight and transient bradycardia no changes were observed in the cardiovascular parameters. Determination of plasma levels in 16 of the patients under presumed steady-state conditions showed an inter-individual variation between 28 and 616 nM/l for citalopram and between 32 and 338 nM/l for its monodemethylated metabolite for daily citalopram doses of 30-60 mg. The average ratio citalopram-desmethyl citalopram was 1.70. No correlation was found between clinical response and the plasma levels.

Trastorno Depresivo/tratamiento farmacológico , Propilaminas/uso terapéutico , Adulto , Anciano , Ansiedad/inducido químicamente , Citalopram , Ensayos Clínicos como Asunto , Femenino , Humanos , Masculino , Persona de Mediana Edad , Propilaminas/efectos adversos , Propilaminas/sangre