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Prax Kinderpsychol Kinderpsychiatr ; 69(1): 60-81, 2020 Jan.
Artículo en Alemán | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31918648


Alliance Ruptures in the Psychotherapy of Adolescents with Borderline Personality Pathology: Risk or Benefit? Adolescents with subthreshold or full-blown borderline personality disorders (borderline personality pathology (BPP)) are characterized by a pronounced instability in their self-image and their interpersonal relationships. The building of a stable therapeutic relationship is considerably challenged in patients with BPP. The concept of alliance ruptures and resolutions assumes that the resolution of ongoing relationship difficulties contributes to therapeutic change. Resolutions are strategies of the therapist to address ruptures, to explore their meaning with the patient and to enhance the therapeutic collaboration between the patient and the therapist. This article illustrates the use and benefits of alliance ruptures and resolutions among adolescents with BPP treated with the manualized treatment concept Adolescent Identity Treatment (AIT). Ten patients were treated with AIT. Three out of ten patients dropped out of treatment prematurely. A total of 187 therapy sessions were analyzed using the Rupture and Resolution Rating System (3RS; Eubanks, Lubitz, Muran, Safran, 2018). Alliance ruptures and resolutions are illustrated in session transcripts of a qualitative case vignette. Quantitative analyses show that alliance ruptures occur frequently over the complete treatment course in good outcome patients. However, frequent alliance ruptures at the beginning of treatment represent a risk for premature treatment termination. The concept of alliance ruptures and resolutions may help to improve the ongoing therapeutic alliance in the treatment of adolescents with BPP.

Trastorno de Personalidad Limítrofe , Psicoterapia , Adolescente , Trastorno de Personalidad Limítrofe/psicología , Trastorno de Personalidad Limítrofe/cirugía , Humanos , Relaciones Interpersonales , Relaciones Profesional-Paciente , Autoimagen , Conducta Social
Rev Med Suisse ; 16(678): 144-147, 2020 Jan 22.
Artículo en Francés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31967758


Living in an urban environment increases the risk to develop psychosis. An interdisciplinary research project has allowed a better definition of urban stress components and the adaptation strategies applied by patients to face it. On this basis, the concept of « urban remediation ¼ has emerged as a strategy to help patients regain access to the city. Among the other new treatment approaches, we also discuss therapy through games, which, due to their flexibility and variety, can suit many different needs. These approaches allow the reinforcement of coping capacities through diverse strategies, ranging from the promotion of social interactions to cognitive restructuration or behavioral activation. In addition, the engaging nature of these games may facilitate access and adherence to treatment.

Psiquiatría , Trastornos Psicóticos , Adaptación Psicológica , Humanos , Relaciones Interpersonales , Psiquiatría/tendencias
J Homosex ; 67(2): 223-243, 2020.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30403570


This qualitative study explores the social lives of older gay men. In-depth interviews were conducted with 10 gay men over the age of 65 to elicit details about their relationships with other people. Findings paint a complex picture of older gay social life that is compounded by significant events affecting gay men from a particular socio-historical period. Three overarching themes emerged that capture the social lives of the participants: (1) coming of age as a gay man in the 20th century; (2) dealing with the aging body; and (3) enduring loss and the consequent impact on social life. The participants reported that being in a gay environment and closing the gay generational divide helped them adjust to their changing social lives in later life. This study adds to the ongoing discussion about the experiences of older gay men and makes suggestions for future research and practice considerations.

Envejecimiento/psicología , Homosexualidad Masculina/psicología , Anciano , Estado de Salud , Humanos , Relaciones Interpersonales , Masculino , Persona de Mediana Edad , Investigación Cualitativa , Minorías Sexuales y de Género , Condiciones Sociales
J Homosex ; 67(2): 265-283, 2020.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30582736


Researchers have often considered the impact that online dating has had on gay communities; with some arguing that changes in social behavior may impact the spread of HIV. However, these conclusions are based on the premise that the Internet has fundamentally changed the way gay and bisexual men connect with their communities. Addressing this issue, we searched the PubMed and Web of Science databases for studies examining Internet use and interpersonal connectedness among gay and bisexual men to determine whether those who used the Internet to find sexual partners exhibited different patterns of community connectedness. Though sporadic, findings suggest that Internet use may be associated with lower gay identity, community attachment, and social embeddedness. However, recent reports have suggested that online sex seeking might be associated with greater, not less, interpersonal connectedness. We conclude that additional longitudinal analyses and consistent measurement of gay men's social behavior are needed to draw more definite conclusions.

Bisexualidad , Homosexualidad Masculina , Internet , Relaciones Interpersonales , Conducta Sexual , Infecciones por VIH , Humanos , Internet/estadística & datos numéricos , Masculino , Narración , Parejas Sexuales , Conducta Social
Am J Clin Hypn ; 62(1-2): 138-158, 2020.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31265373


It is unquestioned that reaching the hypnotic state is helped along by relational factors and that, conversely, relational experiences can be deepened through hypnosis. It is also true that deepening the experience of being in a relationship with another person is neither comfortable nor indicated for every patient or therapist. Most humans feel ambivalent about closeness. People vary in their desire for and their skill in sustaining mature intimacy. When we move along the continuum from rudimentary notions about relational factors in psychotherapy, such as rapport, to complex concepts, such as enactments, we move along a corresponding continuum of increasing need for specialized training, supervised experience, and personal therapy. The field of psychotherapy has been plagued from its inception by not knowing what to do with the tensions that emerge when two people listen to and look at each other. Avoiding relational factors may be a very human response to a very daunting matter.

Miedo , Relaciones Profesional-Paciente , Psicoterapia , Emociones , Miedo/psicología , Humanos , Hipnosis , Relaciones Interpersonales , Psicoanálisis , Alianza Terapéutica
Nurs Educ Perspect ; 41(1): 65-66, 2020.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31860496


This article describes an interactive teaching-learning strategy titled "Don't Be a Serial Citer. Synthesize!" The strategy is used during an onsite, face-to-face orientation to help new graduate nursing students overcome the tendency to be "serial citers." Although the primary purpose is to develop students' beginning skills at performing synthesis writing, there are important secondary outcomes attached to the experience, including the opportunity for students to be involved in a positive experience during group work and getting to know their classmates. This activity takes approximately two hours to complete.

Estudiantes de Enfermería , Humanos , Relaciones Interpersonales , Aprendizaje
Am J Psychother ; 72(4): 101-122, 2019 Dec 01.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31813229


OBJECTIVES: This paper aimed to synthesize empirical findings of patient extratherapeutic interpersonal variables associated with individual psychotherapy treatment outcomes in adult outpatients with depression. METHODS: A systematic search strategy was used to identify relevant studies. Thematic analysis was used to identify recurring themes in the findings. RESULTS: Forty studies met search criteria. Three themes of patient extratherapeutic interpersonal variables were identified: capacity to engage with others, capacity to navigate relationships, and capacity to achieve intimacy, progressing from basic to advanced levels of interpersonal interaction. Interpersonal variables such as interpersonal distress and style, attachment orientation, and quality of object relations were particularly useful in predicting treatment outcomes, whereas access to social support and marital status provided mixed results, likely because they do not account for relationship quality. CONCLUSIONS: Recognizing variables associated with treatment response can help clinicians identify patients at risk for nonresponse and guide efforts for adapting existing therapies and developing new ones.

Depresión/psicología , Depresión/terapia , Trastorno Depresivo/psicología , Trastorno Depresivo/terapia , Relaciones Interpersonales , Psicoterapia , Adulto , Humanos , Apego a Objetos , Resultado del Tratamiento
Rev Med Chil ; 147(6): 755-761, 2019 Jun.
Artículo en Español | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31859829


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health not only as the absence of disease but as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Gratitude is one of the concepts most commonly associated with well-being from the empirical point of view. Despite of this, we seldom use the concept, possibly due to the lack of dissemination of its scientific bases and possible clinical applications. At an anatomical level, it is related consistently with the medial prefrontal cortex and at molecular level, with the neuropeptide oxytocin. It has been associated with better physical and mental health parameters, both in healthy and sick populations. It is usually measured using scales, being the most used worldwide the Gratitude Questionnaire-6 item (GQ-6). There are exercises that can enhance gratitude and its benefits, such as the gratitude letter and the gratitude journal. Given the current state of knowledge about gratitude, and considering its potential benefits, low risks, ability to complement other treatments, the simple and cost-effectiveness of gratitude interventions, a continuing research on this topic and its practical implementation is warranted.

Afecto/fisiología , Actitud , Neurobiología , Humanos , Relaciones Interpersonales , Escalas de Valoración Psiquiátrica , Psicoterapia , Encuestas y Cuestionarios
Acta colomb. psicol ; 22(2): 218-240, July-Dec. 2019. tab
Artículo en Inglés | LILACS | ID: biblio-1019283


Abstract Greater social engagement is commonly associated with more efficient cognitive processing, as it improves cognitive reserve. The aim of this research is to assess the relationship between social engagement (in the dimensions of social contact, support and conflict) and certain cognitive skills (cognitive flexibility, planning, verbal fluency, processing speed, and verbal comprehension) in young college students. This cross-sectional rank correlation study was carried out in a sample of 49 college students. Spearman's rank correlation coefficient showed relationship between: social contact and verbal fluency (r = -.299, p = .037); social support and planning (r = .368, p = .009); and social conflict and processing speed (r = .306, p = .032). The results outline a measurable relationship between social engagement and certain cognitive skills, even when said results are not entirely conclusive. Thus, the need for more detailed studies on these processes becomes clear.

Resumo A literatura científica indica que um maior compromisso social está relacionado com um pensamento cognitivo mais eficiente, devido ao fato de que tal compromisso aumenta a reserva cognitiva. Levando isso em consideração, o objetivo da presente pesquisa foi identificar a relação existente entre o compromisso social (em suas dimensões de contato, apoio e conflito social) e alguns processos cognitivos (como flexibilidade mental, planejamento, fluidez verbal, velocidade de processamento e compreensão verbal) em jovens universitários. Para tanto, realizou-se um estudo correlacional com um desenho transversal em uma amostra de 49 estudantes. A análise de correlação de Spearman revelou correlações entre contato social e fluidez verbal (r = -.299, p = .037), apoio social e planejamento (r = .368, p = .009) e conflito social e velocidade de processamento (r = .306, p = .032). Esses resultados constituem uma associação entre o compromisso social e algumas funções cognitivas. Apesar dos resultados não serem completamente conclusivos, fica clara a necessidade de um estudo mais detalhado desses processos.

Resumen La literatura científica indica que un mayor compromiso social se relaciona con un procesamiento cognitivo más eficiente, debido a que dicho compromiso incrementa la reserva cognitiva. Teniendo esto en cuenta, el objetivo de la presente investigación fue identificar la relación existente entre el compromiso social (en sus dimensiones de contacto, apoyo y conflicto social) y algunos procesos cognitivos (como flexibilidad mental, planeación, fluidez verbal, velocidad de procesamiento y comprensión verbal) en jóvenes universitarios. Para esto, se realizó un estudio correlacional con un diseño transversal en una muestra de 49 estudiantes. El análisis de correlación de Spearman reveló correlaciones entre contacto social y fluidez verbal (r = -.299, p = .037), apoyo social y planeación (r = .368, p = .009), y conflicto social y velocidad de procesamiento (r = .306, p = .032). Estos resultados perfilan una asociación entre el compromiso social y algunas funciones cognitivas. A pesar de que los resultados no son del todo concluyentes, queda claro que se necesita de un estudio más detallado de estos procesos.

Humanos , Masculino , Femenino , Adulto Joven , Psicología Social , Cognición , Relaciones Interpersonales
RECIIS (Online) ; 13(4): 803-816, out.-dez. 2019. tab
Artículo en Portugués | LILACS | ID: biblio-1047569


A formação de Redes Sociais Virtuais (RSVs) em comunidades como o Facebook tornou-se um importante instrumento de busca por socialização e informação. Este artigo apresenta dados sobre fontes de informação utilizadas por responsáveis de crianças com Transtorno do Espectro Autista (TEA) e como essas interferem na percepção de suporte interpessoal e nos processos de governança em saúde. No estudo quantitativo, participaram 90 membros das três maiores RSVs sobre TEA. Para a coleta de dados foi utilizado questionário semiestruturado, cujas respostas foram quantificadas para melhor visualização. Os resultados demonstraram que a participação nessas redes é a principal fonte de informação para metade dos participantes, especialmente para a parcela da população com menor renda; 70/90 voluntários informaram se sentir amparados pelos parceiros de RSV e 63/90 se sentem desamparados pela sociedade em geral. Este fenômeno pode ser explicado pela formação de laços sociais marcados pela reciprocidade de situações vividas.

The formation of Virtual Social Networks (RSVs) in communities as Facebook has become an important tool for searching for socialization and information. This article presents data on the sources of information used by those responsible for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and how they interfere in the perception of interpersonal support and health governance processes. In the quantitative study, 90 members from the 3 largest RSVs on ASD participated. For the data collection, a semi-structured questionnaire was used. Responses were quantified to facilitate visualization of the data. The results showed that participation in these networks is the main source of information for half of the participants, especially for the portion of the population with lower income; 70/90 volunteers reported feeling supported by RSV partners and 63/90 reported feeling helpless by society in general. A phenomenon that can be explained by the formation of social bonds marked by the reciprocity of lived situations.

La formación de Redes Sociales Virtuales (RSVs) en comunidades como Facebook se ha convertido en un importante instrumento de búsqueda de socialización e información. Este artículo presenta datos sobre fuentes de información utilizadas por responsables de niños con trastorno del espectro autista (TEA), y cómo interfieren en la percepción de soporte interpersonal y en los procesos de gobernanza en salud. Se trató de estudio cuantitativo, participaron 90 miembros de las 3 mayores RSVs sobre TEA. Para la recolección de datos se utilizó un cuestionario semiestructurado. Las respuestas se cuantificaron para facilitar la visualización de los datos. Los resultados demostraron que la participación en esas redes es la principal fuente de información para la mitad de los participantes, especialmente para la parcela de la población con menores ingresos; 70/90 voluntarios informaron sentirse amparados por los socios de RSV y 63/90 informaron sentirse desamparados por la sociedad en general. Fenómeno que puede ser explicado por la formación de lazos sociales marcados por la reciprocidad de situaciones vividas.

Humanos , Apoyo Social , Gestión Clínica , Red Social , Trastorno del Espectro Autista , Relaciones Interpersonales , Socialización , Conducta , Niño , Encuestas y Cuestionarios , Adolescente , Personal de Salud , Comunicación , Internet , Acceso a la Información , Medios de Comunicación Sociales , Gobernanza
RECIIS (Online) ; 13(4): 817-830, out.-dez. 2019. ilus
Artículo en Portugués | LILACS | ID: biblio-1047572


Este artigo mapeia as estratégias de atuação do Ministério da Saúde na rede social Instagram. Realizou-se um estudo de caso no período de agosto de 2017 a agosto de 2018 para verificar como o tema da amamentação foi abordado na rede oficial do governo brasileiro para saúde. O corpus tem 65 posts sobre a questão, que foram analisados considerando as métricas de monitoramento das redes sociais: alcance; volume; atividade; engajamento dos usuários e influência do conteúdo junto aos seguidores. Analisando as estratégias de atuação do marketing social e digital identificou-se a falta de interação e resposta aos usuários e a baixa diversidade de representação das mulheres. O levantamento aponta a necessidade de problematizar as práticas do Ministério nesta rede e propor melhorias para ampliar o diálogo com a sociedade.

This article maps out the strategies of performance of the Brazilian Ministry of Health in Instagram's social network. A case study was carried out in the period from August 2017 to August 2018 to verify how the topic of breast-feeding was approached in the official network of the Brazilian government for health. The corpus has 65 posts about that issue which were analised considering the measures to monitor social networks: scope, volume, activity, user engagement and influence of the content on the followers. Analyzing the strategies of social and digital marketing used by the Brazilian government for health, it was identified the lack of interaction with users and of response to them and the low diversity of women represented on its Instagram profile. The research points out that we need to problematize Ministry practices in this network and to propose improvements to broaden the dialogue with the society.

El artículo mapea las estrategias de actuación del Ministerio de Salud de Brasil en la red social Instagram. Se realizó un estudio de caso en el período de agosto de 2017 hasta agosto de 2018 para escudriñar como se abordó el tema de la lactancia en la red oficial del gobierno brasileño para salud. El corpus tiene 65 posts a respecto del asunto y fueron estudiados considerando las medidas para monitorizar redes sociales: alcance; volumen; actividad; interacción de los usuarios e la influencia del contenido en los seguidores. Analizando las estrategias de actuación del marketing social y digital se identificó falta de interactividad, usuarios sin respuesta y la baja diversidad de representación de las mujeres en lo perfil del gobierno brasileño en Instagram. La investigación apunta la necesidad de problematizar las prácticas del Ministerio en esta red y de proponer mejorías para ampliar el diálogo con la sociedad.

Humanos , Lactancia Materna , Informes de Casos , Mercadeo Social , Red Social , Promoción de la Salud , Sistema Único de Salud , Comunicación , Redes Comunitarias , Internet , Nutrición del Lactante , Política de Salud , Relaciones Interpersonales
RECIIS (Online) ; 13(4): 876-886, out.-dez. 2019. ilus
Artículo en Portugués | LILACS | ID: biblio-1047660


"Eu sou um pessimista ativo, porque tenho fé". Assim Muniz Sodré se declara ao conceder à Reciis uma entrevista que trata sobre a questão de raça/etnicidades em articulação com os estudos da comunicação. O professor e pesquisador argumenta que a escravidão está enraizada na forma social brasileira, pois a abolição jurídico-política não foi suficiente para abolir os espíritos escravocratas. Mas que é preciso ter fé nas movimentações e contramovimentações sensíveis do corpo do outro, negro, o qual mobiliza as barreiras de imunidade racistas. Sodré entende que a expressão lugar de fala é uma reivindicação efêmera, pois acredita na virtude do corpo como um espaço de diálogo com outros lugares. Em relação aos estudos de comunicação e raça, argumenta que as pesquisas se restringem ainda às descrições das tecnologias da mídia, assim como as pesquisas de maneira geral, mas que esses estudos "têm um papel político forte: eles fazem emergir essa classe intelectual negra que estava submersa". Muniz Sodré é professor emérito da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.

Humanos , Habla , Grupos Étnicos , Comunicación , Cultura , Racismo , Prejuicio , Ciencias Sociales , Violencia , Grupo de Ascendencia Continental Africana , Homicidio , Relaciones Interpersonales
Movimento (Porto Alegre) ; 25(1): e25020, jan.- dez. 2019.
Artículo en Español | LILACS | ID: biblio-1047932


Este artigo analisa as tarefas motoras propostas no âmbito da Educação Física, tanto pelo professor quanto no jogo livre, a partir de uma perspectiva de gênero. A partir de uma observação participante, obtêm-se as tarefas propostas nas sessões de Educação Física de uma escola na cidade de Meliana, na província de Valência (Espanha). São analisadas e contextualizadas 134 tarefas motoras na estrutura educacional. Os resultados mostram que há uma tendência a promover um certo modelo de comportamento comum quando o professor exerce maior diretividade. Por outro lado, quando o professor oferece liberdade para escolher, há uma tendência a reproduzir os estereótipos de gênero dominantes

El presente artículo analiza las tareas motrices propuestas en el ámbito de la Educación Física, tanto por el maestro como en el juego libre, desde una perspectiva de género. A partir de una observación participante se obtienen las tareas propuestas en las sesiones de Educación Física de una escuela en la localidad de Meliana, en la provincia de Valencia (España). Se constatan 134 tareas motrices que se analizan y contextualizan en el marco educativo. Los resultados muestran que se tiende a impulsar un cierto modelo de comportamiento común cuando el docente ejerce mayor directividad. En cambio, cuando el profesor ofrece libertad para escoger, se tienden a reproducir los estereotipos de género dominantes

This article looks into the motor tasks proposed in Physical Education ­ both by teachers and in free play ­ from a gender perspective. Using participant observation, it collected the tasks proposed during Physical Education classes at a school in Meliana, in the Spanish province of Valencia: 134 motor tasks are analyzed and contextualized within the educational framework. The results show a tendency to promote a certain model of common behavior when teachers exercise greater directivity. On the other hand, when they offer freedom to choose, dominant gender stereotypes tend to be reproduced

Humanos , Masculino , Femenino , Educación y Entrenamiento Físico , Identidad de Género , Actividad Motora , Relaciones Interpersonales
Rev. latinoam. cienc. soc. niñez juv ; 17(2): 393-412, jul.-dic. 2019. tab
Artículo en Español | LILACS | ID: biblio-1043057


Resumen (analítico) El objetivo de este estudio fue describir la experiencia de vínculos afectivos en adolescentes institucionalizados en la región de la Araucanía, Chile. La muestra estuvo compuesta por cuatro adolescentes varones (entre 16 a 18 años), que actualmente residen en centros administrados por la red Servicio Nacional de Menores (Sename). La metodología utilizada fue a partir de entrevistas en profundidad realizadas a los adolescentes y analizadas a través del análisis fenomenológico interpretativo. Los resultados mostraron tres temas principales: a) valoración de los vínculos con personas significativas, b) construcción y mantenimiento de vínculos y c) institucionalización como contexto en el que han desarrollado su trayectoria de vida. Se concluye destacando los vínculos establecidos en la cotidianidad de la vida institucional y su relevancia para el proyecto vital del adolescente.

Abstract (analytical) The aim of this study was to describe the experience of affective bonds in institutionalized adolescents in the Araucanía region of Chile. The sample consisted of 4 male adolescents (aged between 16 and 18 years old), who currently live in centers managed by the National Service for Minors (Sename). The methodology was based on in-depth interviews with adolescents, and analyzed using Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis. The results identified three main topics: a) assessment of relationships with significant persons, b) construction and maintenance of affective bonds and c) institutionalization as a context in which these adolescents have developed their life trajectories. The study concludes by highlighting the relationships forged in the daily life of the institution and their relevance to each adolescent's life project.

Resumo (analítico) O objetivo deste estudo foi descrever a experiência dos vínculos afetivos em adolescentes institucionalizados na região de Araucanía, Chile. A amostra foi composta por 4 adolescentes do sexo masculino (entre 16 e 18 anos), que atualmente residem em centros geridos pelo Serviço Nacional de Menores (Sename). A metodologia utilizada baseou-se em entrevistas em profundidade com adolescentes e analisada por meio da Análise Fenomenológica Interpretativa. Os resultados mostraram três tópicos principais: (a) avaliação de vínculos com pessoas significativas, (b) construção e manutenção de laços afetivos e (c) institucionalização como um contexto no qual eles desenvolveram sua trajetória de vida. Conclui ressaltando os vínculos estabelecidos no cotidiano da vida institucional e sua relevância para o projeto de vida do adolescente.

Adolescente , Adolescente , Relaciones Interpersonales
Rev. latinoam. cienc. soc. niñez juv ; 17(2): 82-106, jul.-dic. 2019. tab
Artículo en Español | LILACS | ID: biblio-1043044


Resumen (analítico) Este estudio examina los conocimientos sobre las propiedades formales y la función referencial del dibujo, la escritura y los numerales desplegados por madres y sus niños y niñas (2 ½ años y 4 años) en una tarea de producción conjunta. Se construyó un sistema de codificación mediante el método comparativo constante; se analizó mediante pruebas no paramétricas. Las díadas del grupo de 2 ½ años conversaron sobre la función referencial de los tres sistemas, especialmente del dibujo. A los 4 años se incrementó el interés en la escritura, la consideración de las propiedades formales de la escritura y los numerales; así como las producciones infantiles independientes de dibujo y escritura. El estudio mostró a la producción gráfica como una interacción educativa en la familia que estimula la apropiación temprana de las representaciones externas.

Abstract (analytical) This study examines the knowledge of formal properties and referential function of drawing, writing and numerals displayed by mothers and their children (2 and a half years old and 4 years old) in a joint production task. A coding system was constructed using the constant comparative method and was analyzed using non-parametric tests. The results of the group with 2 and half year old children demonstrated the referential function of the three systems, especially the drawing. At the age of 4 children's interest in writing increased, as well as the consideration of the formal properties of writing and numerals and the children's independent production of drawing and writing. The study demonstrated that graphic production is an educational interaction in the family that stimulates the early appropriation of external representations.

Resumo (analítico) Este estudo examina o conhecimento sobre as propriedades formais e a função referencial de desenho, escrita e numerais que mães, filhos e filhas (2 anos e meio e 4 anos) apresentados em tarefa de produção conjunta. O método comparativo constante foi utilizado para a construção do sistema de codificação; se analisou mediante provas não paramétricas. As duplas do grupo de 2 anos e meio conversaram sobre a função referencial dos três sistemas, especialmente do desenho. No grupo de 4 anos aumentaram o interesse pela escrita, a consideração das propriedades formais da escrita e dos numerais e as produções independentes de desenho e escrita. O estudo mostrou a produção gráfica conjunta como uma interação educacional na família que estimula a apropriação precoce de sistemas de representação externa.

Humanos , Escritura , Relaciones Interpersonales
Rev Infirm ; 68(255): 37-39, 2019 Nov.
Artículo en Francés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31757329


Autism is currently considered as a neurodevelopmental disorder called "autism spectrum disorder" (ASD). Its diagnosis is based on assessments focusing on two main areas: the presence of persistent impairments in communication and social interactions in varied contexts, as well as the presence of a stereotypical or repetitive nature of the subject's movements, use of objects or language. The complementary functional diagnosis enables a personalised project to be constructed taking into account the resources and difficulties of the individual with ASD. It focuses on cognitive, communication, psychomotor skills, as well as the degree of autonomy and the psycho-emotional resources.

Trastorno del Espectro Autista , Trastorno Autístico , Adolescente , Trastorno del Espectro Autista/diagnóstico , Humanos , Relaciones Interpersonales , Lenguaje