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Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33668610


In recent years, there is growing interest internationally to implement patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs), and Singapore is no exception. However, studies understanding the influence of contextual policy factors on the implementation of PCMHs are limited. We conducted 10 semi-structured in-depth interviews with general practitioners working in seven out of the nine PCMHs. Audio recordings were transcribed and analyzed by two study team members in NVivo 12 Software using grounded theory techniques. Power dynamics between the stakeholders and lack of shared decision-making among them in selecting the locale of the PCMH and formulating the practice fee and pharmacy structure were the key factors which negatively affected the implementation of PCMHs on a larger scale. Over time, lack of funding to hire dedicated staff to transfer patients and misalignment of various stakeholders' interest to other right-siting programs also resulted in low number of patients with chronic conditions and revenue. Countries seeking to implement a successful PCMH may benefit from building trust and relationship between stakeholders, engaging in shared decision-making, ongoing cost-efficiency efforts, and formulating a clear delineation of responsibilities between stakeholders. For a healthcare delivery model to succeed in the primary care landscape, policies should be developed keeping mind the realities of primary care practice.

Atención Dirigida al Paciente , Atención Primaria de Salud , Teoría Fundamentada , Humanos , Singapur
Complement Ther Clin Pract ; 43: 101363, 2021 May.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33740591


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: A substantial proportion of European and American people now use healthcare options known as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). This study aimed to understand the processes and decisional pathways through which chronic illness patients choose treatments outside of regular allopathic medicine. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This qualitative study used Charmaz's constructivist grounded theory methods to collect and analyze data. Using theoretical sampling, 21 individuals suffering from chronic illness and who had used CAM treatment participated in face-to-face in-depth interviews conducted in Miami/USA. RESULTS: Seven overarching themes emerged from the data to describe how and why people with chronic illness choose CAM treatments. These themes included 1) influences, 2) desperation, 3) being averse to allopathic medicine and allopathic medical practice, 4) curiosity and chance, 5) ease of access, 6) institutional help, and 7) trial and error. CONCLUSION: In selecting treatment options that include CAM, individuals draw on their social, economic, and biographical situations. Though exploratory, this study sheds light on some of the less examined reasons for CAM use.

Terapias Complementarias , Enfermedad Crónica , Teoría Fundamentada , Humanos , Investigación Cualitativa
Behav Brain Sci ; 44: e13, 2021 02 18.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33599580


We propose that grounded procedures may help explain psychological variations across cultures. Here we offer a set of novel predictions based on the interplay between the social and physical ecology, chronic sensorimotor experience, and cultural norms.

Características Culturales , Ecología , Teoría Fundamentada , Humanos
Behav Brain Sci ; 44: e26, 2021 02 18.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33599581


The proposed theory is broad enough to accommodate the reduction or elimination of prior influences by a variety of acts symbolizing separation (including cleansing). However, it does not account for stability in psychological variables, and is contradicted by widely documented stability in people's actual attitudes and behavior over time, in multiple domains, despite people's pervasive everyday acts of symbolic separation.

Actitud , Teoría Fundamentada , Humanos , Simbolismo
Behav Brain Sci ; 44: e29, 2021 02 18.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33599590


Our commentators explore the operation of grounded procedures across all levels of analysis in the behavioral sciences, from mental to social, developmental, and evolutionary/functional. Building on them, we offer two integrative principles for systematic effects of grounded procedures to occur. We discuss theoretical topics at each level of analysis, address methodological recommendations, and highlight further extensions of grounded procedures.

Teoría Fundamentada , Sociedades , Humanos
Behav Brain Sci ; 44: e8, 2021 02 18.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33599591


According to Lee and Schwarz, the sensorimotor experience of cleansing involves separating one physical entity from another and grounds mental separation of one psychological entity from another. We propose that cleansing effects may result from symbolic cognition. Instead of viewing abstract meanings as emerging from concrete physical acts of cleansing, this physical act may be appended with pre-existing, symbolic meaning.

Cognición , Teoría Fundamentada , Humanos , Simbolismo
Behav Brain Sci ; 44: e27, 2021 02 18.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33599592


Lee and Schwarz propose that grounded procedures can also be related to connection rather than separation. Drawing on consumer behavior research, we point to different grounded procedures of connection - in terms of the motor actions involved, their salient properties, and their motivational conditions - and discuss how procedures of separation may be affected by the procedures of connection that precede them.

Teoría Fundamentada , Motivación , Humanos
Behav Brain Sci ; 44: e11, 2021 02 18.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33599595


The model presented by Lee and Schwarz provides a novel explanation for the elementary mechanisms of psychological cleansing. I argue that the model could be extended to account for complex instances of psychological cleansing where the grounded procedures are not isolated and the opposing motives of separation and connection are entangled in a strategic interplay.

Motivación , Teoría Fundamentada , Humanos
Behav Brain Sci ; 44: e5, 2021 02 18.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33599596


Lee and Schwarz (L&S) suggest that separation is the grounded procedure underlying cleansing effects in different psychological domains. Here, we interpret L&S's account from a hierarchical view of cognition that considers the influence of physical properties and sensorimotor constraints on mental representations. This approach allows theoretical integration and generalization of L&S's account to the domain of formal quantitative reasoning.

Cognición , Teoría Fundamentada , Humanos
Nurs Res ; 70(2): 106-113, 2021.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33630533


BACKGROUND: Hospitals need to prevent, respond to, and learn from safety risks and events perceived by patients and families, who in turn rely on nurses to respond to and report their safety concerns. OBJECTIVES: The aim of the study was to describe the process by which bedside nurses evaluate and determine the appropriate response to safety concerns expressed by patients or their families. METHODS: A qualitative design was employed. We recruited inpatient bedside nurses in an 811-bed Midwest academic medical center. Nurses provided demographic information and participated in semistructured interviews designed to elicit narratives related to evaluation and response to patient- or family-expressed safety concerns. Data analysis and interpretation were guided by grounded theory. RESULTS: We enrolled 25 nurses representing 22 units. Based on these nurses' experiences, we developed a grounded theory explaining how nurses evaluate a patient or family safety concern. Nurses make sense of the patient's or family's safety concern in order to take action. Achieving this goal requires evaluation of the meaningfulness and reasonableness of the concern, as well as the potential effect of the concern on the patient. Based on this nursing evaluation, nurses respond in ways designed to (a) manage emotions, (b) immediately resolve concerns, (c) involve other team members, and (d) address fear or uncertain grounding in reality. Nurses reported routinely handling safety concerns at the bedside without use of incident reporting. DISCUSSION: Safety requires an interpersonal and evaluative nursing process with actions responsive to patient and family concerns. Safety interventions designed to be used by nurses should be developed with the dynamic, cognitive, sensemaking nature of nurses' routine safety work in mind. Being sensitive to the vulnerability of patients, respecting patient and family input, and understanding the consequences of dismissing patient and family safety concerns are critical to making sense of the situation and taking appropriate action to maintain safety. Measuring patient safety or planning improvement based on patient or family expression of safety concerns would be a difficult undertaking using only standard approaches. A more complex approach incorporating direct patient engagement in data collection is necessary to gain a complete safety picture.

Rol de la Enfermera/psicología , Relaciones Enfermero-Paciente , Personal de Enfermería en Hospital/psicología , Seguridad del Paciente/estadística & datos numéricos , Empatía , Familia/psicología , Femenino , Teoría Fundamentada , Humanos , Masculino , Investigación Cualitativa
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33499109


Psychological interventions are proposed to cancer survivors to support their quality of life against the emotional trauma of cancer and the side effects of treatment. Psychological interventions often require patient engagement and commitment to activities that could be more or less demanding in terms of lifestyle change (e.g., psychotherapy, sports). Analyzing participant motivations (personal aims, expectations, needs) prior to participation is useful to predict their adherence to the intervention as well as final outcomes. Yet, participant motivations may evolve during the intervention because the intervention experience turns out to be meaningful and positively challenging. The present study aimed to obtain a preliminary understanding of the process of motivation change in female cancer survivors who participated in a sport-based intervention to promote quality of life by employing a grounded theory approach. Data analysis took place alongside data collection and according to the procedure of grounded theory ("open coding", "axial coding", and "selective coding") in order to describe the process of motivation change during women's participation in psychological intervention for quality of life. On 14 women interviewed, 13 reported changing their motivation to participate during the first months of involvement, mostly changing from individualistic to group-related motivations (i.e., from self-care to friendship with other participants and enriching group membership), and from physical to psychological growth (i.e., pursuing not only physical health but also self-fulfillment). The discussion explains the preliminary aspects of the motivation change process and highlights the importance to monitor motivation dynamics within psychological interventions.

Supervivientes de Cáncer , Neoplasias , Femenino , Teoría Fundamentada , Humanos , Motivación , Calidad de Vida
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33430202


The implementation of precursor management can improve safety performance of construction projects through effectively managing the correlations between construction accidents and their precursors. However, a system of comprehensive knowledge about what precursors mean within the context of construction safety is still lacking. This study aims to capture the nature of precursors in the construction industry and explore the process of a precursor event evolving into a construction accident to fill this gap. Based on 135 construction accident reports in China, this study adopts grounded theory to identify different types of accident precursors and explore their interactions with the development of the accident. An indicator system of precursors for construction accidents was developed, which included two major categories of precursors: behavioral factors and physical factors and five minor categories of precursors: individual behavior factors, organizational driving factors, objective physical factors, construction environmental factors, mechanical equipment factors. In addition, a precursor management strategy that includes the three stages of identification, response and effectiveness testing was established. The results of the study reveal the correlations between precursors and construction accidents, which can promote construction professionals' better understanding about precursors and improve their capabilities of managing precursors in practice.

Industria de la Construcción , Administración de la Seguridad , Accidentes , Accidentes de Trabajo , China , Teoría Fundamentada
Esc. Anna Nery Rev. Enferm ; 25(3): e20200494, 2021. tab, graf
Artículo en Portugués | LILACS, BDENF - Enfermería | ID: biblio-1149300


RESUMO Objetivo Discutir o uso da metodologia qualitativa da teoria fundamentada nos dados (TFD), segundo a vertente de Strauss e Corbin (2008), na pesquisa em enfermagem, utilizando dados de uma pesquisa de doutorado. Metodologia Pesquisa qualitativa, tendo como referencial metodológico, a teoria fundamentada nos dados. A coleta de dados ocorreu com 13 participantes, entre outubro/2017 e agosto/2019, em dois Centros de Assistência de Alta Complexidade em Oncologia. Resultados e Discussão A vertente de Strauss e Corbin (2008) contribui para a compreensão do método, pois propicia uma visão mais clara sobre as etapas de análises de dados. Seu uso deve ser mais incentivado, especialmente para os pesquisadores que desejam se aproximar do método. Conclusão e implicações para a prática A metodologia é aprendida experimentalmente e cada pesquisa envolvendo-a é uma oportunidade de aprender e aprimorar conhecimentos, fazendo-se um recurso que favorece a pesquisa em enfermagem, pois contribui para aperfeiçoar as práticas durante a assistência.

RESUMEN Objetivo Discutir el uso de la metodología cualitativa de la teoría fundamentada en los datos (TFD), de acuerdo con las líneas de Strauss y Corbin (2008), en la investigación en enfermería, utilizando datos de una investigación doctoral. Metodología Investigación cualitativa, sobre la base de la teoría fundamentada como marco metodológico. La recolección de datos se realizó con 13 participantes, entre octubre de 2017 y agosto de 2019, en dos Centros de Atención de Alta Complejidad en Oncología. Resultados y Discusión El enfoque de Strauss y Corbin (2008) contribuye a la comprensión del método, ya que proporciona una visión más clara de las etapas del análisis de datos. Debería fomentarse más su uso, especialmente para los investigadores que deseen acercarse al método. Conclusión e implicaciones para la práctica La metodología se aprende experimentalmente y cada investigación que la involucra es una oportunidad para aprender y mejorar el conocimiento, convirtiéndose en un recurso que favorece la investigación en enfermería, ya que contribuye a mejorar las prácticas durante el cuidado.

ABSTRACT Objective To discuss the use of the qualitative methodology of the Grounded Theory (GT), according to the strands of Strauss and Corbin (2008), in Nursing research, using data from a doctoral research. Methodology A qualitative research study, using the Grounded Theory as methodological framework. Data collection took place with 13 participants, between October/2017 and August/2019, in two High-Complexity Oncology Care Centers. Results and Discussion Strauss and Corbin's (2008) approach contributes to the understanding of the method, as it provides a clearer view on the stages of data analysis. Its use should be encouraged more, especially for researchers who wish to approach the method. Conclusion and implications for practice The methodology is learned experimentally and each research study involving it is an opportunity to learn and improve knowledge, becoming a resource that favors Nursing research, as it contributes to improving practices during care.

Humanos , Investigación en Enfermería/métodos , Teoría Fundamentada , Investigación Cualitativa
Br J Radiol ; 94(1117): 20200423, 2021 Jan 01.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32976025


OBJECTIVE: The study aims to explore the perceptions of advanced practice radiographers (APRs) currently giving benign biopsy results to extend their role to deliver NHS Breast Screening Programme (NHSBSP) malignant outcomes. In the UK, APRs are appropriately trained to deliver results, yet traditionally have been cultured not to. Increasing pressures on NHSBSP units are a key driver for APR evolvement. A significant lack of published research provides the rationale for the study, combined with an identified service need. METHODS: Following ethical approval, a grounded theory design was applied to interview six APRs individually in a single breast screening unit. Extracted themes were considered during a subsequent focus group. RESULTS: Five core themes identified; (i) role of the APR, (ii) patient experience, (iii) efficiency, (iv) role boundaries, and (v) delivering results.The findings indicate the ambiguity of radiographers delivering results within their profession, outlining the potential impact on themselves and patients. Mammography APRs are skilled to deliver results, and whilst enforced barriers may restrict extension a supportive environment can overcome these. Additional training is necessary to implement the role in the screening service. CONCLUSION: Identified within their scope of practice; APRs have the ability with appropriate training and peer support to effectively deliver results with a patient-centred approach. ADVANCES IN KNOWLEDGE: This study has identified important enabling factors and challenges concerning role extension in the delivery of breast biopsy results. The apparent suitability of APRs to communicate results may address breast service pressures, with benefit to patients and the radiology profession.

Actitud del Personal de Salud , Neoplasias de la Mama/diagnóstico por imagen , Comunicación en Salud/métodos , Personal de Salud/psicología , Mamografía/psicología , Rol Profesional/psicología , Adulto , Biopsia , Neoplasias de la Mama/patología , Neoplasias de la Mama/psicología , Diagnóstico Diferencial , Femenino , Teoría Fundamentada , Humanos , Mamografía/métodos , Persona de Mediana Edad , Reino Unido
J Nurs Adm ; 51(1): 26-32, 2021 Jan.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33278198


BACKGROUND: In the literature, an abundance of stories exist describing patient situations and caregiver actions, but only 2 studies were identified that outline DAISY honorees' actions and behavioral characteristics. OBJECTIVE: This study utilized patient nomination data and DAISY honoree insight to identify and gain better understanding of the characteristics and behavioral traits of DAISY nurses. METHODS: A grounded theory approach and purposive sample were used in this study, which was conducted in 2 phases using 2 different data sets. In phase 1, the NarrativeDx AI platform generated insights from DAISY nomination comments. In phase 2, a survey was administered to DAISY honorees collecting descriptive data that were analyzed in SPSS, whereas insights on DAISY nurses were collected via open-ended responses and analyzed using NVivo software. RESULTS: Three themes emerged in phase 1 from DAISY nomination data: caring, knowledge/skills, and reliability. A total of 37 DAISY honorees participated in phase 2. Most participants were bachelor's degree-prepared and worked day shift in the emergency department, critical care units, or medical-surgical units; some entered leadership roles post award, and 34% cited nursing as a 2nd career. Four themes emerged from their open-ended responses: engaging in care, environment of care, dedicated to care, and competence of care. Subthemes emerged in both analyses. CONCLUSIONS: The essence of caring was noted continuously in both nomination and honoree data. Further research aimed at discovering the characteristics and behaviors of DAISY honorees is recommended as examination of these factors may provide a deeper understanding of this exemplary group of nurses. Insights could be incorporated into training and practice programs aimed at increasing patient and nursing satisfaction.

Distinciones y Premios , Características Humanas , Determinación de la Personalidad/estadística & datos numéricos , Adulto , Femenino , Teoría Fundamentada , Humanos , Masculino , Persona de Mediana Edad , Investigación Cualitativa
Texto & contexto enferm ; 29: e20180502, Jan.-Dec. 2020. tab, graf
Artículo en Inglés | LILACS, BDENF - Enfermería | ID: biblio-1145157


ABSTRACT Objective: to understand the meaning of access to health services with a view to care continuity in the care network for users and professionals. Method: qualitative research, which used the methodological steps of Grounded Theory, carried out from November 2015 to April 2017. The theoretical sampling was obtained with 33 participants from a hospital institution and a Family Health Strategy unit. The participants were organized into three sample groups according to circular and continuous orientation of data collection and Grounded Theory analysis. The analysis was conducted according to the guidelines of the methodological framework which was composed of the open, axial and integrative coding phases. Results: four central concepts emerged from the data that demonstrate how participants experience access with a view to care continuity. These range from the first contact with the health network, through limitations and alternatives found to achieve perspectives to the care continuity in health actions and services. Conclusion: possibilities and contradictions were identified in the experience of care, with regard to access to health services and actions for the continuity of care, understanding them as feasible in health services, but divergent from the ideal advocated by the literature on the theme, as well as by the norms and prerogatives in force in the Unified Health System.

RESUMEN Objetivo: comprender el significado del acceso a los servicios de salud con vistas a la atención continua en la red asistencial para usuarios y profesionales. Método: investigación cualitativa, que utilizó los pasos metodológicos de la Teoría Fundamentada en datos, realizada de noviembre de 2015 a abril de 2017. La muestra teórica se obtuvo con 33 participantes de un hospital y una unidad de Estrategia de Salud de la Familia. Los participantes se organizaron en tres grupos de muestra de acuerdo con una guía circular y continua para la recopilación y el análisis de datos en Grounded Theory. El análisis se realizó de acuerdo con los lineamientos del marco metodológico utilizado, compuesto por las fases de codificación abierta, axial e integrativa. Resultados: de los datos surgieron cuatro conceptos centrales que demuestran cómo los participantes experimentan el acceso con vistas a la continuidad de la atención. Estos van desde el primer contacto con la red de salud, pasando por las limitaciones y alternativas encontradas para lograr perspectivas de continuidad asistencial en acciones y servicios de salud. Conclusión: se identificaron posibilidades y contradicciones en la experiencia de la atención, en cuanto al acceso a los servicios de salud y acciones para la continuidad de la atención, entendiéndose como factibles en los servicios de salud, sin embargo, divergiendo del ideal recomendado por la literatura sobre el tema, así como las normas y prerrogativas vigentes en el Sistema Único de Salud.

RESUMO Objetivo: compreender o significado do acesso aos serviços de saúde com vistas à continuidade do cuidado na rede de atenção para usuários e profissionais. Método: pesquisa qualitativa, que utilizou os passos metodológicos da Teoria Fundamentada nos Dados, realizada no período de novembro de 2015 a abril de 2017. Obteve-se a amostragem teórica com 33 participantes provenientes de uma instituição hospitalar e uma unidade Estratégia Saúde da Família. Os participantes foram organizados em três grupos amostrais conforme orientação circular e contínua da coleta e análise dos dados em Teoria Fundamentada nos Dados. A análise foi conduzida segundo as orientações do referencial metodológico utilizado, composto pelas fases de codificação aberta, axial e integrativa. Resultados: emergiram, dos dados, quatro conceitos centrais que demonstram como os participantes vivenciam o acesso com vistas à continuidade do cuidado. Estes vão desde o primeiro contato com a rede de saúde, passando por limitações e alternativas encontradas para alcançar perspectivas à continuidade do cuidado nas ações e serviços de saúde. Conclusão: identificaram-se possibilidades e contradições na vivência do cuidado, no que concerne ao acesso aos serviços e ações em saúde para a continuidade do cuidado, compreendendo-as como exequíveis nos serviços de saúde, porém, divergentes do ideal preconizado pela literatura acerca da temática, bem como pelas normativas e prerrogativas vigentes no Sistema Único de Saúde.

Humanos , Atención Integral de Salud , Continuidad de la Atención al Paciente , Teoría Fundamentada , Interaccionismo Simbólico , Atención de Enfermería
Texto & contexto enferm ; 29: e20180396, Jan.-Dec. 2020.
Artículo en Inglés | LILACS, BDENF - Enfermería | ID: biblio-1059154


ABSTRACT Objective: to unveil the strategies used by women for confronting marital violence. Method: a qualitative research using the Straussian orientation of the Data Grounded Theory as a theoretical-methodological framework and two Justice Courts for Peace at Home as its scenario. Data was collected through individual interviews and analyzed in the coding process in three interdependent stages: open, axial and selective coding. Results: to elucidate the "Strategy" component, the following categories emerged: Finding support in family; Being part of groups of women in situations of violence; and Experiencing legal-police support. Conclusion: given the difficulty women find in breaking with a relationship permeated by violence, it is urgent that the professionals in various areas of care for women be prepared not only to recognize the problem but also to guide them as to the prominence of these resources for exiting from violence situation process and perhaps enable access to these one.

RESUMEN Objetivo: revelar las estrategias que utilizan las mujeres para hacer frente a la violencia conyugal. Método: investigación cualitativa en la que se utilizó la vertiente Straussiana de la Teoría Fundamentada en los Datos como referencial teórico-metodológico y que tuvo escenario dos Tribunales de Justicia para la Paz en el Hogar. Los datos se recolectaron por medio de entrevistas individuales y se los analizó en el proceso de codificación en tres etapas independientes: codificación abierta, axial y selectiva. Resultados: para elucidar el componente "Estrategia", surgieron las siguientes categorías: Encontrar apoyo en la familia; Integrarse a grupos de mujeres en situación de violencia y Recurrir al apoyo jurídico-policial. Conclusión: frente a la dificultad que tienen las mujeres en salir de una relación permeada por la violencia, urge que los profesionales de las diversas áreas de atención a las mujeres estén preparados no solo para reconocer la agresión sino también para orientarlas en cuanto a la prominencia de esos recursos para el proceso de salir de esa situación y, quizás, viabilizarles el acceso a dichos recursos.

RESUMO Objetivo: desvelar as estratégias de enfrentamento da violência conjugal utilizadas por mulheres. Método: pesquisa qualitativa que se utilizou da vertente Straussiana da Teoria Fundamentada nos Dados como referencial teórico-metodológico e que teve como cenário duas Varas de Justiça pela Paz em Casa. Os dados foram coletados por meio de entrevistas individuais e analisados no processo de codificação em três etapas interdependentes: codificação aberta, axial e seletiva. Resultados: para a elucidação do componente "Estratégia", emergiram as seguintes categorias: Encontrando apoio na família; Inserindo-se em grupos de mulheres em situação de violência; e Experienciando o suporte jurídico-policial. Conclusão: diante da dificuldade feminina em romper com a relação permeada pela violência, urge que os profissionais das diversas áreas de atendimento a mulheres estejam preparados não apenas para reconhecer o agravo como também para orientá-las quanto à saliência desses recursos para o processo de saída desta situação e quiçá viabilizar o acesso a estes.

Humanos , Femenino , Familia , Enfermería , Estrategias , Violencia contra la Mujer , Teoría Fundamentada
Texto & contexto enferm ; 29: e20180177, Jan.-Dec. 2020. tab
Artículo en Inglés | LILACS, BDENF - Enfermería | ID: biblio-1059149


ABSTRACT Objective: to analyze the use of Grounded Theory as a methodological framework in scientific articles published in Brazilian Nursing journals with Qualis Capes A1 and A2. Method: descriptive, documentary study with a quantitative approach. Five Brazilian nursing journals with Qualis A1 and A2 in the 2016 assessment were used as sources. Data were collected on the website of each journal through the Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO), by consulting the numbers published in the 2013-2016 quadrennium. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Results: 49 articles were selected, most of them published by the Texto & Contexto Enfermagem journal (34.6%). Regarding the methodological aspect, the use of the Straussian perspective predominated (79,6). Regarding the methodological characteristics, most articles used theoretical sampling (63.3%), theoretical saturation (53.1%), comparative analysis (69.4%), and presented the development of a theoretical model or central category in the results (75.6%). However, only seven (14.3%) studies specified the use of memos, 22 (44.9%) mentioned the use of diagrams and 16 (32.7%) described the theory validation step. Conclusion: the need for consensus among Brazilian nursing researchers on the methodological characteristics to be described in studies using the Grounded Theory is highlighted.

RESUMEN Objetivo: analizar el uso de la teoría fundamentada en los datos como referencial metodológico en artículos científicos publicados en revistas brasileñas de enfermería con Qualis Capes A1 y A2. Método: estudio documental descriptivo con enfoque cuantitativo. Las fuentes utilizadas fueron las cinco revistas brasileñas de enfermería con Qualis A1 y A2 en la evaluación de 2016. La recopilación de datos se ha desarrollado en el sitio web de cada revista a través de la Scientific Electronic Library online (SciELO), consultando los números publicados en el periodo cuatrienal entre 2013-2016. Los datos se analizaron mediante estadística descriptiva. Resultados: se seleccionaron 49 artículos, la mayoría de ellos publicados por la Revista Texto & Contexto Enfermagem (34,6%). En cuanto al aspecto metodológico, predominó el uso de la perspectiva straussiana (79,6). Con respecto a las características metodológicas, la mayoría de los artículos utilizaron muestreo teórico (63,3%), saturación teórica (53,1%), análisis comparativo (69,4%), y presentaron el desarrollo del modelo teórico o categoría central en los resultados (75,6%). Sin embargo, solo siete (14,3%) estudios especificaron el uso de memorandos, 22 (44,9%) mencionaron el uso de diagramas y 16 (32.7%) describieron el paso de validación de la teoría. Conclusión: Se resalta la necesidad de consenso entre los investigadores de enfermería brasileña sobre las características metodológicas que se describirán en los estudios que utilizan la teoría fundamentada en los datos.

RESUMO Objetivo: analisar a utilização da Teoria Fundamentada nos Dados como referencial metodológico em artigos científicos publicados nos periódicos brasileiros da área da enfermagem com Qualis Capes A1 e A2. Método: estudo descritivo, documental e com abordagem quantitativa. As fontes utilizadas foram os cinco periódicos brasileiros da área da enfermagem com Qualis A1 e A2 na avaliação de 2016. A coleta dos dados se realizou no website de cada periódico através do Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO), mediante consulta aos números publicados no quadriênio 2013-2016. Os dados foram analisados por meio de estatística descritiva. Resultados: foram selecionados 49 artigos, sendo a maioria publicada pela Revista Texto & Contexto Enfermagem (34,6%). Em relação à vertente metodológica, predominou a utilização da perspectiva straussiana (79,6). Quanto às características metodológicas, a maioria dos artigos utilizou amostragem teórica (63,3%), saturação teórica (53,1%), análise comparativa (69,4%), e apresentou o desenvolvimento de modelo teórico ou categoria central nos resultados (75,6%). No entanto, somente sete (14,3%) estudos especificaram o uso de memorandos, 22 (44,9%) mencionaram a utilização de diagramas e 16 (32,7%) descreveram a etapa de validação da teoria. Conclusão: ressalta-se a necessidade de um consenso entre os pesquisadores da enfermagem brasileira quanto às características metodológicas a serem descritas nos estudos utilizando a Teoria Fundamentada nos Dados.

Humanos , Investigación , Investigación en Enfermería , Métodos de Análisis , Investigación Cualitativa , Teoría Fundamentada
Rev. latinoam. cienc. soc. niñez juv ; 18(2): 21-44, jul.-dic. 2020. tab
Artículo en Español | LILACS | ID: biblio-1144711


Resumen (analítico) El Sistema de Protección a la Infancia y a la Adolescencia español utiliza los mismos mecanismos con la población tutelada nacional que con la extranjera de origen latinoamericano. Con esta investigación se pretende conocer las dificultades específicas de la juventud procedente de América Latina, en edad de emancipación y que tiene expediente de protección, así como identificar estrategias eficaces para la actuación socioeducativa. Mediante metodología cualitativa, en el marco de la teoría fundamentada, se realizan con juventud tutelada seis seguimientos longitudinales y cuatro relatos de vida. Se concluye con dos grupos de discusión con figuras profesionales especializadas. Los resultados muestran déficits en el acompañamiento socioeducativo, especialmente producto del choque entre las metas del proyecto migratorio y la rigidez del sistema. Se constata la ausencia de redes sociales de apoyo para la emancipación.

Abstract (analytical) The Protection System for Children and Adolescents in Spain has the same mechanisms for the national population as it does for the foreign population of children and Young people who are originally from Latin American. This research aimed to determine the specific emancipation difficulties of youths from Latin America with a Child Protective Service record, as well as to identify effective strategies for socioeducational actions. Using a qualitative methodology within the grounded theory framework, six longitudinal monitoring studies and four life story narrations are conducted with protected young people. The study concluded with two discussion groups with specialized professional figures. The results reveal deficits in educational accompaniment, especially as a result of the collision between migratory project goals and the rigidity of the education system. The absence of social support networks to contribute to their emancipation is confirmed.

Resumo (analítico) O Sistema de Proteção da Infância e da Adolescência Espanhola, atua com os mesmos mecanismos com a população tutelada nacional estrangeira e com a de origem latinoamericana. A investigação pretende conhecer as dificuldades específicas da juventude, com expedientes de proteção com as nacionalidades da américa latina, durante a emancipação, assim como identificar estratégias eficazes para a atuação socioeducativa, mediante uma metodologia qualitativa. O marco da teoria fundamentada, realizase com juventude tutelada de seis seguimentos longitudinais e de quatro relatos de vida. Conclui com grupos de discussão com figuras profissionais especializadas. Os resultados mostram déficits em acompanhamento socioeducativo, especialmente produto de choque entre as metas de projeto migratório e da rigidez do sistema. Constata-se a ausência de redes sociais de apoio para a emancipação.

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Rev. enferm. UERJ ; 28: e47474, jan.-dez. 2020.
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Objetivo: compreender como é a experiência das crianças/adolescentes de conviver com sintomas de uma condição crônica. Método: abordagem qualitativa, utilizando como referencial a Teoria Fundamentada nos Dados. Os participantes foram 11 crianças e adolescentes de seis a 18 anos incompletos hospitalizados em um hospital estadual universitário. Como instrumentos de coleta de dados, utilizou-se a entrevista semiestruturada e a técnica "draw, write and tell". As entrevistas foram audiogravadas e transcritas, e a análise seguiu os passos do referencial. Resultados: apreendeu-se a categoria "Tendo que conviver com os sintomas", que engloba cinco subcategorias que apresentam sintomas físicos, emocionais e gerais, a convivência com a multiplicidade de sintomas simultâneos e as consequências de se conviver com eles. Conclusão: a convivência com diversos sintomas leva a limitações. A enfermagem precisa favorecer a expressão das vivencias das crianças/adolescentes, minimizando situações de estresse e melhorar o gerenciamento dos sintomas, através do planejamento de estratégias individualizadas.

Objective: to comprehend children's or adolescents' experiences of living with symptoms of a chronic condition. Method: on a qualitative approach, taking Grounded Theory as a frame of reference and 11 children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 years hospitalized in a state university hospital as participants, data were collected by semi-structured interview using the "draw, write, and tell" technique. The interviews were recorded and transcribed, and then analyzed following the steps of Grounded Theory. Results: analysis identified the category "Having to live with symptoms", which comprised 5 subcategories featuring physical, emotional and general symptoms, the experience of living with multiple simultaneous symptoms, and the consequences of living with them. Conclusion: living with several symptoms entails limitations. Nursing needs to favor children's and adolescents' expressions of their experiences in order to minimize stressful situations and improve symptom management by planning individualized strategies.

Objetivo: comprender las experiencias de niños o adolescentes de vivir con síntomas de una enfermedad crónica. Método: con un enfoque cualitativo, tomando como marco de referencia la Teoría Fundamentada y como participantes a 11 niños y adolescentes de 6 a 18 años hospitalizados en un hospital universitario estatal, los datos se recolectaron mediante entrevista semiestructurada utilizando el método "dibujar, escribir y decir "técnica. Las entrevistas fueron grabadas y transcritas, y luego analizadas siguiendo los pasos de Grounded Theory. Resultados: el análisis identificó la categoría "Tener que vivir con síntomas", que comprendía 5 subcategorías que presentaban síntomas físicos, emocionales y generales, la experiencia de vivir con múltiples síntomas simultáneos y las consecuencias de vivir con ellos. Conclusión: vivir con varios síntomas conlleva limitaciones. La enfermería debe favorecer la expresión de las experiencias de los niños y adolescentes para minimizar las situaciones estresantes y mejorar el manejo de los síntomas mediante la planificación de estrategias individualizadas

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