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Rev Med Chir Soc Med Nat Iasi ; 96(3-4): 249-52, 1992.
Artigo em Romano | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-1344864


Taking into account the competitive action of zinc towards other ion essential for pathogenic germs metabolism, the complex erythromycin-zinc, zinc salts of sulfamethoxydiazine, sulfanilamide, sulfacetimide, sulfathiazole as well as the Mannich basis of sulfamethoxydiazine were synthetized. The antimicrobial action towards gram-positive, gram-negative pathogens and fungi was tested by the classic diffusiometric method. An increased antimicrobial action for the Mannich basis of sulfamethoxydiazine and for the zinc salt of sulfamethoxydiazine, alone or in association with metronidazole--chemotherapeutic agent used in the infections with anaerobic organisms was found. A significant antimicrobial action was also found for the complex erythromycin-zinc and zinc salts of sulfacetimide and sulfathiazole.

Anti-Infecciosos/farmacologia , Compostos Organometálicos/farmacologia , Zinco/farmacologia , Antibacterianos , Candida albicans/efeitos dos fármacos , Bactérias Gram-Negativas/efeitos dos fármacos , Bactérias Gram-Positivas/efeitos dos fármacos , Bases de Mannich/farmacologia , Testes de Sensibilidade Microbiana
Rev Med Chir Soc Med Nat Iasi ; 94(2): 381-4, 1990.
Artigo em Romano | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-2100856


In view of studying the pharmacological properties of zinc acexamath a simple and cheap method for the synthesis of acexamic acid by re-evaluating some indigenous raw materials is presented. The conversion of acexamic acid into the corresponding zinc salt is highly efficient by reacting this acid with zinc oxide or zinc carbonate.

Aminocaproatos , Ácido Aminocaproico/síntese química , Ácido Aminocaproico/química , Métodos
Rev Med Chir Soc Med Nat Iasi ; 86(2): 316-8, 1982.
Artigo em Romano | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-25588261


In this paper the synthesis of 5 etheric derivates of some aromatic oxymes: p-metoxy-benz-(sin)-aldoxyme, p-chlorine-benz-(sin)-aldoxyme, sin-piperonal-oxyme, 2,4-di- chlorinebenzaldoxyme and 3,4-dichlor-benzaldoxyme were described. In view of a subsequent study on the antiinflammatory action a simple method for obtaining these compounds based on the reaction between the sodium salt of the monochloracetic acid and the sodium derivates of the corresponding oxymes. The structure of the newly obtained products was confirmed by the elementary quantitative chemical analysis and the spectral analysis in IR.

Anti-Inflamatórios/síntese química , Oximas/síntese química , Acetatos/síntese química , Anti-Inflamatórios/farmacologia , Oximas/farmacologia , Cloreto de Sódio/síntese química , Espectrofotometria Infravermelho/métodos
Artigo em Romano | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-171735


In the territory of the Drajna TB dispensary, in the Prahova County, a series of complex measures have been experimented in the course of the second trimester of 1972, intending to prevent and to eliminate tuberculosis in children. Of the 31,731 children aged between 1 and 14 years, 29,496 have been tested with 2 units of PPD-IC65 (93 percent). A proportion of 12,6 percent of those tested presented reactions of more than 10 mm in diameter and 22,779 were vaccinated with BCG (Pasteur-Paris strain). The radiological pulmonary control of the reactors allowed for the detection of 24 cases of tuberculosis all of them new and asymptomatic. The efficiency of the detection was of 0,8 new cases per 1,000 tuberculin tested children or of 0,4 new cases per 100 of reactors that had been x-ray examined. This prophylactic action was repeated in 1973 in 2,219 children aged between 1 and 2-1/2 years that had been ommited in the preceding year and 4 new cases of tuberculosis were detected. In the medical districts in which there was a high prevalence of the children infection total radiophotographic case finding of the adult population was carried out. The result was a doubling of the TB incidence in children in 1972 followed by a 5-fold reduction of the indicators in 1973. The severe forms and death through tuberculosis in children have disappeared. The risk to develop the disease in BCG vaccinated children was reduced to 4,4 0/0000 per year. It is estimated that a generalization over the whole of the county of these prophylactic measures, as applied in the Drajna territory, under the form of a mass campaign, will allow for an improvement of the epidemiometric indicators in children in a relatively short time.

Tuberculose Pulmonar/prevenção & controle , Adolescente , Vacina BCG , Criança , Pré-Escolar , Humanos , Lactente , Radiografia Pulmonar de Massa , Romênia , Teste Tuberculínico , Tuberculose Pulmonar/imunologia