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Int J Syst Evol Microbiol ; 70(4): 2596-2601, 2020 Apr.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32134373


Seven yeast strains, DMKU VGT1-14T, DMKU VGT1-19T, DMKU-JMGT1-28, DMKU-JMGT1-32, DMKU VGT2-06, DMKU VGT2-19 and DMKU VGT6-14, were isolated from a grease trap in Thailand and two strains, SJ-1 and SN-102 were isolated from the sea surface microlayer in Taiwan. On the basis of phenotypic characteristics and sequence analysis of the D1/D2 region of the large subunit (LSU) rRNA gene and the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region, these strains represented two novel yeast species of the genus Wickerhamiella. In terms of pairwise sequence similarity, four strains, DMKU VGT1-14, DMKU-JMGT1-32, DMKU VGT6-14 and SN-102, were closely related to Wickerhamiella infanticola NRRL Y-17858T but differed by 13 nucleotide substitutions with one gap (2.46 %) in the D1/D2 domain of the LSU rRNA gene and 15 nucleotide substitutions with 23 gaps (4.2 %) in the ITS region. The strains DMKU VGT1-19T, DMKU-JMGT1-28, DMKU VGT2-06, DMKU VGT2-19 and SJ-1, differed from the type strain of the most closely related species, Wickerhamiella sorbophila NRRL Y-7921T, by nine nucleotide substitutions with one gap (1.66 %) in the D1/D2 domain of the LSU rRNA gene and nine nucleotide substitutions with 17 gaps (2.52%) in the ITS region. Hence, the names Wickerhamiella osmotolerans sp. nov. and Wickerhamiella tropicalis sp. nov. are proposed to accommodate these species in the genus Wickerhamiella. The holotypes are W. osmotolerans DMKU VGT1-14T (ex-type strain TBRC 11425=PYCC 8359=CGMCC 2.6179; Mycobank number 833394) and W. tropicalis DMKU VGT1-19T (ex-type strain TBRC 11426=PYCC 8360=CGMCC 2.6180; Mycobank number 833393).

Filogenia , Saccharomycetales/classificação , Água do Mar/microbiologia , DNA Fúngico/genética , DNA Espaçador Ribossômico/genética , Técnicas de Tipagem Micológica , Saccharomycetales/isolamento & purificação , Análise de Sequência de DNA , Taiwan , Tailândia