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Phys Rev Lett ; 108(6): 066405, 2012 Feb 10.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-22401095


Thermodynamic and transport properties of the La-diluted Kondo lattice CeNi(2)Ge(2) were studied in a wide temperature range. The Ce-rich alloys Ce(1-x)La(x)Ni(2)Ge(2) were found to exhibit distinct features of the coherent heavy Fermi liquid. At intermediate compositions (0.7≤x≤0.9), non-Fermi liquid properties have been observed, followed by the local Fermi liquid behavior in the dilute limit. The 4f-electron contribution to the specific heat was found to follow the predictions of the Kondo-impurity model in both the local as well as the coherent regimes, with the characteristic Kondo temperature decreasing rapidly from about 30 K for the parent compound CeNi(2)Ge(2) to about 1 K in the most dilute samples. The specific heat does not show any evidence for the emergence of a new characteristic energy scale related to the formation of the coherent Kondo lattice.

Chemphyschem ; 11(12): 2639-44, 2010 Aug 23.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-20632351


Single crystals of HfAs(1.7)Se(0.2) are grown by chemical transport reaction and their chemical composition characterized in detail by various analytical methods. Chemical analyses and crystal structure investigations by single-crystal X-ray diffraction as well as powder diffraction with synchrotron radiation reveal a tetragonal PbFCl structure type with strong disorder caused by a significant arsenic deficiency (As(0.9)) on the 2a site and mixed occupancy of the 2c site (As(0.8)Se(0.2)). HfAs(1.7)Se(0.2) is a diamagnetic metal which transforms into a superconducting state at T(c)=0.52 K. Similar to other PbFCl-type arsenide selenides, the title compound displays a magnetic-field-independent -AT(1/2) term in the low-temperature electrical resistivity. This unusual term presumably originates from the electron scattering of structural two-level systems. According to the experimental results, HfAs1.7Se0.2 appears to be a rare example of a nonmagnetic Kondo material.