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Molecules ; 24(21)2019 Oct 25.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31731434


A series of carbon aerogels (C-AGs) were prepared by the pyrolysis of resorcinol-formaldehyde aerogels at 700-1100 °C as potential supercapacitor electrodes, and their texture and electrochemical properties were determined. The specific surface area of all C-AGs was in the range of 700-760 m2/g, their electron conductivity increased linearly from 0.4 to 4.46 S/cm with an increase of the pyrolysis temperature. The specific capacitance of electrode material based on C-AGs reached 100 F/g in sulfuric acid and could be realized at a 2 A/g charge-discharge current, which makes it possible to use carbon aerogels as electrode materials.

Carbono/química , Formaldeído/química , Géis/química , Resorcinóis/química , Capacitância Elétrica , Condutividade Elétrica , Eletroquímica , Eletrodos , Géis/síntese química , Nitrogênio/química , Temperatura
Dalton Trans ; (14): 2170-9, 2004 Jul 21.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-15249954


Density functional B3LYP calculations have been performed to investigate proton transport in orthoperiodic and orthotellurium acids, their salts MIO(6)H(4)(M = Li, Rb, Cs) and CsH(5)TeO(6), dimers of the salt*acid type MIO(6)H(4)*H(5)IO(6)(M = Rb, Cs), CsIO(6)H(4)*H(6)TeO(6), CsHSO(4)*H(6)TeO(6), Cs(2)SO(4)*H(6)TeO(6), and also in double-substituted and binary salts Rb(2)H(3)IO(6) and Rb(4)H(2)I(2)O(10). It has been shown that the energy of salt dimerization is 33-35 kcal mol(-1) and the activation barrier for proton migration between the neighboring octahedrons of the salt*acid --> acid*salt type is calculated to be 3-13 kcal mol(-1). The activation energy of the proton migration along the octahedron, 20-30 kcal mol(-1), is comparable with the barrier for water molecule separation. Quantum-chemical calculations correlate with the results of X-ray and electrochemical studies.