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J Eukaryot Microbiol ; 57(5): 435-43, 2010.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-20707827


A new species of suctorian in the genus Periacineta, epibiotic on aquatic bugs (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Nepomorpha), is described on the basis of morphological characteristics of the cell body, lorica, tentacular placement, and stalk, and its 18S rRNA partial sequence gene. Periacineta mexicana n. sp. is a loricate suctorian with elongate body and rounded apical region; tentacles are distributed randomly over apical region and not grouped into fascicles. Macronucleus in adult is elongate and located centrally. The suctorian usually forms closely aggregated pseudocolonies. We provide morphological data based on optical and scanning electron microscopy. A comparison with similar congeners, and emended diagnosis of the genus Periacineta also are provided. The ciliates were found attached to the first two pairs of legs of Mexican notonectids Buenoa pallens and Buenoa spp. (backswimmers).

Cilióforos/isolamento & purificação , Heterópteros/parasitologia , Animais , Tamanho Celular , Cilióforos/classificação , Cilióforos/citologia , Cilióforos/genética , DNA de Protozoário/genética , DNA Ribossômico/genética , México , Dados de Sequência Molecular , Filogenia
Eur J Protistol ; 46(3): 196-203, 2010 Aug.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-20226640


Copidognathus nautilei Bartsch, 1997, from a hydrothermal vent field of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at about 13 degrees N, 45 degrees W and 4090 m depth, was infested with the suctorian Corynophrya abyssalis n. sp., with up to 58 epizoans per mite. The new suctorian has a sacciform body with seven longitudinal ribs, a compact macronucleus and up to 40 non-retractile tentacles. The budding is exogenous. The systematic position of the new species and the genus Corynophrya is discussed, as well as infestation rates and sites of suctorians on their halacarid hosts.

Ácaros e Carrapatos/parasitologia , Fontes Termais/parasitologia , Cinetofragminóforos/classificação , Cinetofragminóforos/isolamento & purificação , Animais , Oceano Atlântico , Feminino , Cinetofragminóforos/citologia , Masculino , Microscopia