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Zootaxa ; 4890(3): zootaxa.4890.3.3, 2020 Dec 03.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33311117


Epibiosis is a common phenomenon, found in different taxa of aquatic animals. This relationship could occur as hyperepibiosis, when a basibiont being also an epibiont, providing a stable substrate for the hypersymbiont. Here we reported a ciliate-bryozoan-crustacean hyperepibiosis in Mandovi River mouth, Goa, West coast of India. We provided descriptions and characterization of the crab Atergatis sp., serving as basibiont for the bryozoan Triticella pedicellata (Alder, 1857), in turn colonized with (hyperepibionts) the ciliates Paracineta saifulae (Mereschkowsky, 1877) and Cothurnia ceramicola Kahl, 1933. Paracineta saifulae and Cothurnia ceramicola are reported here for first time from the Indian Ocean.

Braquiúros , Briozoários , Cilióforos , Animais , Índia
Protein Pept Lett ; 16(9): 1063-73, 2009.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-19508219


Single crystal X-ray diffraction studies and solvent dependent (1)H NMR titrations reveal that a set of four tetrapeptides with general formula Boc-Xx(1)-Aib(2)-Yy(3)-Zz(4)-OMe, where Xx, Yy and Zz are coded L-amino acids, adopt equivalent conformations that can be described as overlapping double turn conformations stabilized by two 4-->1 intramolecular hydrogen bonds between Yy(3)-NH and Boc C=O and Zz(4)-NH and Xx(1)C=O. In the crystalline state, the double turn structures are packed in head-to-tail fashion through intermolecular hydrogen bonds to create supramolecular helical structures. Field emission scanning electron microscopic (FE-SEM) images of the tetrapeptides in the solid state reveal that they can form flat tape-like structures. The results establish that synthetic Aib containing supramolecular helices can form highly ordered self-aggregated amyloid plaque like human amylin.

Ácidos Aminoisobutíricos/química , Oligopeptídeos/química , Amiloide/química , Cristalização , Cristalografia por Raios X , Polipeptídeo Amiloide das Ilhotas Pancreáticas , Microscopia Eletrônica de Varredura , Ressonância Magnética Nuclear Biomolecular , Conformação Proteica , Estrutura Secundária de Proteína