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Cell Death Differ ; 26(12): 2758-2773, 2019 Dec.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31092884


Yap is the key component of Hippo pathway which plays crucial roles in tumorigenesis. Inhibition of Yap activity could promote apoptosis, suppress proliferation, and restrain metastasis of cancer cells. However, how Yap is regulated is not fully understood. Here, we reported Yap being negatively regulated by its circular RNA (circYap) through the suppression of the assembly of Yap translation initiation machinery. Overexpression of circYap in cancer cells significantly decreased Yap protein but did not affect its mRNA levels. As a consequence, it remarkably suppressed proliferation, migration and colony formation of the cells. We found that circYap could bind with Yap mRNA and the translation initiation associated proteins, eIF4G and PABP. The complex containing overexpressed circYap abolished the interaction of PABP on the poly(A) tail with eIF4G on the 5'-cap of the Yap mRNA, which functionally led to the suppression of Yap translation initiation. Individually blocking the binding sites of circYap on Yap mRNA or respectively mutating the binding sites for PABP and eIF4G derepressed Yap translation. Significantly, breast cancer tissue from patients in the study manifested dysregulation of circYap expression. Collectively, our study uncovered a novel molecular mechanism in the regulation of Yap and implicated a new function of circular RNA, supporting the pursuit of circYap as a potential tool for future cancer intervention.