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J Virol ; 96(5): e0182721, 2022 03 09.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-35020472


Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) has a large (∼235 kb) genome with more than 200 predicted open reading frames that exploits numerous cellular factors to facilitate its replication. A key feature of HCMV-infected cells is the emergence of a distinctive membranous cytoplasmic compartment termed the virion assembly compartment (vAC). Here, we report that host protein WD repeat domain 11 (WDR11) plays a key role in vAC formation and virion morphogenesis. We found that WDR11 was upregulated at both mRNA and protein levels during HCMV infection. At the late stage of HCMV replication, WDR11 relocated to the vAC and colocalized with markers of the trans-Golgi network (TGN) and vAC. Depletion of WDR11 hindered HCMV-induced membrane reorganization of the Golgi and TGN, altered vAC formation, and impaired HCMV secondary envelopment and virion morphogenesis. Further, motifs critical for the localization of WDR11 in TGN were identified by alanine-scanning mutagenesis. Mutation of these motifs led to WDR11 mislocation outside the TGN and loss of vAC formation. Taken together, these data indicate that host protein WDR11 is required for efficient viral replication at the stage of virion assembly, possibly by facilitating the remodeling of the endomembrane system for vAC formation and virion morphogenesis. IMPORTANCE During the late phase of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection, the endomembrane system is dramatically reorganized, resulting in the formation of a unique structure termed the virion assembly compartment (vAC), which is critical for the assembly of infectious virions. The mechanism of HCMV-induced vAC formation is still not fully understood. In this report, we identified a host factor, WDR11, that plays an important role in vAC formation. Our findings argue that WDR11 contributes to the relocation of the Golgi and trans-Golgi network to the vAC, a membrane reorganization process that appears to be required for efficient virion maturation. The present work provides new insights into the vAC formation and HCMV virion morphogenesis and a potential novel target for antiviral treatment.

Citomegalovirus , Repetições WD40 , Citomegalovirus/genética , Citomegalovirus/metabolismo , Humanos , Morfogênese , Vírion/metabolismo , Montagem de Vírus/genética , Replicação Viral , Rede trans-Golgi/metabolismo