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Environ Sci Pollut Res Int ; 27(27): 33527-33542, 2020 Sep.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32566986


The dairy industry can contribute to global food security in a sustainable way by efficiently converting milk into dairy ingredients and products, even though they are polluting on a large scale. In this context, this study aimed to conduct a systematic literature review on sustainable indicators and dairy industries. The methodology used has a qualitative and quantitative approach and its technical procedure was the systematic literature review. The bases of journals consulted, using the keywords "sustainability indicator" and "dairy industry" which resulted in 130 valid scientific articles. The main results show that the sustainability indicators in the dairy industry are emerging and lacking research; being found seven papers, that highlight 12 indicators of the environmental, 11 of the social and eight economic dimensions, that may be considered fragile and initial. The studied problems are related to wastewater treatment methods, electric power consumption, efficiency of the industrial plant, among others, and the benefits on the theme are related to solutions to the difficulties, such as electricity reduction, sustainable practices. Among others, it is concluded that the dairy industries address the sustainability theme since 2011, with an ambiguous trend, being found evidence of the fragility of the sustainability indicators was found, mainly in the initial stage of their conception, when considering holistic approach (triple bottom line).

Indústria de Laticínios , Poluentes Ambientais , Leite , Animais , Abastecimento de Alimentos , Águas Residuárias
Eng. sanit. ambient ; 13(1): 73-77, jan.-mar. 2008. ilus, graf
Artigo em Português | LILACS | ID: lil-485072


Neste trabalho foi realizado o estudo da degradação fotoquímica do corante vermelho bordeaux. O estudo objetivou a avaliação de tratamentos alternativos com vistas à aplicação de tecnologias limpas. Os experimentos de fotodegradação foram realizados através da incidência de radiação UV em um compartimento contendo o corante (solução). O tratamento fotoquímico reduziu em 99 por cento a coloração e a concentração da solução contendo o corante vermelho bordeaux.

This paper studied the photochemical degradation of food dye (red dye). The investigation aimed at the assessment of alternative treatments, focusing the use of clean technologies. The photochemical degradation experiments were performed in a compartment with UV radiation (mercury lamp - 250W). The photochemical treatment showed a 99 percent color and concentration reduction in the dye solution.

Corante Amaranto , Amaranthus , Tecnologia Limpa , Corantes , Corantes de Alimentos , Fotoquímica