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Artigo em Chinês | WPRIM (Pacífico Ocidental) | ID: wpr-510192


Objective To study the regulation of serum FSH and E2 in the treatment of menopausal syndrome with 17 beta estradiol combined with DRSP. Methods A total of 90 female patients with menopausal syndrome treated in our hospital from November 2013 to November 2016 were selected. The patients were randomly divided into three groups: 17β group (30 patients, 17β-estradiol alone), DRSP group (30 patients treated with DRSP alone) and 30 patients (17β-estradiol combined with DRSP). Kupperman's menopausal syndrome was used to evaluate the physical symptoms of the patients and to compare the patients after the treatment. The patients' treatment efficiency was observed. The items examined before treatment included liver and kidney function, hematuria routine , Fasting blood glucose, FSH, E2, LDL, blood TC, electrocardiogram, intracavitary Doppler ultrasound, breast ultrasound, HDL, Kupperman evaluation table in accordance with the evaluation before the end of each treatment measure again, And performs the above-mentioned inspection. Results In the combined group, there was no significant difference in the scores of other symptoms except the differences between the ants on the skin and the treatment before treatment. There were significant differences in the scores of pain, headache, body sensation, agitation, palpitation, Pain, fatigue, insomnia and hot flashes were significantly different (P<0.01). In the DRSP group, pain, depression and insomnia were improved after treatment (P<0.05), other symptoms were (P<0.05), other symptoms were not improved;the total effective rate of combined group was 90.0%, DRSP (P<0.05), and the total effective rate of the group was significantly higher than that of the control group (P<0.05) .There was no significant difference The total effective rate was 73.33% in the group and 70.0% in the 17β group. There was significant difference between the combined group and the other groups (P<0.05). The difference of TC, E2 and FSH in the combined group before and after treatment (P<0.05). There was no difference in FSH between the two groups before and after treatment. There was no difference between the two groups before and after treatment. Conclusion 17β-estradiol combined with DRSP in the treatment of menopausal syndrome patients achieved good clinical effect, the serum levels of FSH and E2 in the body is significant.

Artigo em Chinês | WPRIM (Pacífico Ocidental) | ID: wpr-463223


Objective The aim of this study is production of organ specific animal model for studying reproductive toxicity in mice.Methods F1 generation was gotten by mating the Ddx4 -cre transgenic male mice with the Rosa26mT/mG transgenic female mice.F1 offspring and its parents phenotype was screened by molecular biological, histopathological and in vivo imaging technology.Results At molecular level, specific DNA fragment was only found in testis of F1 offspring; At the organ level, the expression of green fluorescent protein could only be observed in testis of F1 offspring; Testicular frozen sections and sperm fluorescence observation showed that green fluorescent protein were mainly expressed in the germ cell lineage such as secondary spermatocyte and spermatocyte and spermatozoon.Conclusions The production of the mice with specific germ cell expressed green fluorescent protein by Cre/loxP recombination system were built successfully.

Artigo em Chinês | WPRIM (Pacífico Ocidental) | ID: wpr-404130


Objective To construct a 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO) transgenic mouse model of atherosclerosis.Methods Purified 5-LO fragment was injected into male pronucli and the firtilized eggs were transplanted into pseudopregnant mice.PCR and Southern blot were used to detect the genotype of DNA separated from the newborn mouse tail tissues.RT-PCR and Western blot analysis were used to detect the gene transcription and expression.Results PCR and Southern blot results showed that 7 of 25 mice were transgenic mice.Expression of 5-LO and FLAP was found in the bone marrow,spleen,kidney,and peritoneal cells.Results of RT-PCR and Western blot showed that No.9,20,24transgenic mice expressed a higher level of 5-LO and FLAP than those in the wild type C57BL/6 mice.The expression levels in bone marrow and peritoneal cells were significantly different(P<0.05).Conclusion A 5-LO transgenie mouse line has been established in this study and may be used for future study on the function of 5-LO gene.