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Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-15892257


3'-Azido-3',5-dideoxythymidine 5'-phosphonate and 3',5'-dideoxy-5'-difluoromethylenethymidine 5'-phosphonate were prepared by multistep syntheses. The nucleoside 5'-phosphonates were converted to their triphosphates and triphosphate mimics (P3Ms) containing beta,gamma-difluoromethylene, beta,gamma-dichloromethylene, or beta,gamma-imodo by condensation with pyrophosphate or pyrophosphate mimics, respectively. Inhibition of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase by the nucleoside P3Ms is briefly discussed.

Transcriptase Reversa do HIV/antagonistas & inibidores , Mimetismo Molecular , Inibidores da Transcriptase Reversa/síntese química , Inibidores da Transcriptase Reversa/farmacologia , Timidina/análogos & derivados , Nucleotídeos de Timina/síntese química , Zidovudina/análogos & derivados , Didesoxinucleotídeos , Estrutura Molecular , Inibidores da Transcriptase Reversa/química , Relação Estrutura-Atividade , Timidina/síntese química , Timidina/química , Timidina/farmacologia , Nucleotídeos de Timina/química , Nucleotídeos de Timina/farmacologia , Zidovudina/síntese química , Zidovudina/química , Zidovudina/farmacologia
J Med Chem ; 48(7): 2695-700, 2005 Apr 07.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-15801860


The triphosphates of antiviral 2',3'-dideoxynucleosides (ddNs) are the active chemical species that inhibit viral DNA synthesis. The inhibition involves incorporation of ddNMP into DNA and subsequent chain termination. A conceivable strategy for antiviral drugs is to employ nucleoside 5'-triphosphate mimics that can entirely bypass cellular phosphorylation. AZT 5'-alpha-R(P)-borano-beta,gamma-(difluoromethylene)triphosphate (5'-alphaB-betagammaCF(2)TP) has been identified as a potent inhibitor of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase (HIV-1 RT). This work was aimed at confirming that 5'-alphaB-betagammaCF(2)TP is a useful generic triphosphate moiety and can render antiviral ddNs with potent inhibitory effects on HIV-1 RT. Thus, 10 ddNs were converted to their 5'-alphaB-betagammaCF(2)TPs via a sequence (one-pot) of reactions: formation of an activated phosphite, formation of a cyclic triphosphate, boronation, and hydrolysis. Other synthetic routes were also explored. All ddN 5'-alphaB-betagammaCF(2)TPs tested exhibited essentially the same level of inhibition of HIV-1 RT as the corresponding ddNTPs. A conclusion can be made that 5'-alphaB-betagammaCF(2)TP is a generic and promising triphosphate mimic (P3M) concerning HIV-1 RT inhibition and serum stability. It is anticipated that use of 5'-alphaB-betagammaCF(2)TP as P3M moiety will lead to the discovery of a new class of anti-HIV agents.

Fármacos Anti-HIV/síntese química , Compostos de Boro/síntese química , Desoxirribonucleotídeos/síntese química , Transcriptase Reversa do HIV/metabolismo , Inibidores da Transcriptase Reversa/síntese química , Animais , Fármacos Anti-HIV/química , Fármacos Anti-HIV/metabolismo , Compostos de Boro/química , Compostos de Boro/metabolismo , Bovinos , Desoxirribonucleotídeos/química , Desoxirribonucleotídeos/metabolismo , Técnicas In Vitro , Inibidores da Transcriptase Reversa/química , Inibidores da Transcriptase Reversa/metabolismo , Estereoisomerismo
J Med Chem ; 47(27): 6902-13, 2004 Dec 30.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-15615539


In search of active nucleoside 5'-triphosphate mimics, we have synthesized a series of AZT triphosphate mimics (AZT P3Ms) and evaluated their inhibitory effects on HIV-1 reverse transcriptase as well as their stability in fetal calf serum and in CEM cell extracts. Reaction of AZT with 2-chloro-4H-1,3,2-benzodioxaphosphorin-4-one, followed by treatment of the phosphite intermediate 2 with pyrophosphate analogues, yielded the cyclic triphosphate intermediates 4b-4f, which were subjected to boronation and subsequent hydrolysis to give AZT 5'-alpha-borano-beta,gamma-bridge-modified triphosphates 6b-6f in moderate to good yields. Reaction of the cyclic intermediate 4d with iodine, followed by treatment with a series of nucleophiles, afforded the AZT 5'-beta,gamma-difluoromethylene-gamma-substituted triphosphates (7b-7i). Several different types of AZT P3Ms containing alpha-P-thio (or dithio) and beta,gamma-difluoromethylene (13,14), alpha,beta-difluoromethylene and gamma-P-methyl(or phenyl) (15,16), and alpha-borano-beta,gamma-difluoromethylene and gamma-O-methyl/phenyl (11,12) were also synthesized. The effectiveness of the compounds as inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase was determined using a fluorometric assay and a poly(A) homopolymer as a template. A number of AZT P3Ms exhibited very potent inhibition of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. Modifications at the beta,gamma-bridge of triphosphate rendered the AZT P3Ms 6b-6f with varied activities (K(i) from 9.5 to >>500 nM) while modification at the alpha,beta-bridge of triphosphate led to weak AZT P3M inhibitors. The results imply that the AZT P3Ms were substrate inhibitors, as is AZT triphosphate. The most active compound, AZT 5'-alpha-R(p)()-borano-beta,gamma-(difluoromethylene)triphosphate (AZT 5'-alphaB-betagammaCF(2)TP) (6d-I), is as potent as AZT triphosphate with a K(i)() value of 9.5 nM and at least 20-fold more stable than AZT triphosphate in the serum and cell extracts. Therefore, for the first time, a highly active and stable nucleoside triphosphate mimic has been identified, which is potentially useful as a new type of antiviral drug. The promising triphosphate mimic, 5'-alpha-borano-beta,gamma-(difluoromethylene)triphosphate, is expected to be valuable to the discovery of nucleotide mimic antiviral drugs.

Transcriptase Reversa do HIV/antagonistas & inibidores , Inibidores da Transcriptase Reversa/síntese química , Zidovudina/análogos & derivados , Estabilidade de Medicamentos , Humanos , Inibidores da Transcriptase Reversa/química , Inibidores da Transcriptase Reversa/farmacologia , Relação Estrutura-Atividade
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-15043157


IMPDH inhibitors have potential antimicrobial, anticancer and immunomodulatory effects. Nucleoside inhibitors of IMPDH exert their inhibitory effects via nucleoside 5'-MPs. Conversion of nucleoside analogs to NMPs by cellular nucleoside kinases is not assured, and usually is inefficient. In order to bypass cellular phosphorylation, a series of azole nucleoside 5'-MP mimics (P1Ms) based on ribavirin, EICAR and bredinin were synthesized and screened against human and C. albicans IMP dehydrogenises. P1Ms 8, 16, 25, 28 and 29 demonstrated substantial IMPDH inhibition with Ki values in low micromolar range.

Inibidores Enzimáticos/síntese química , IMP Desidrogenase/antagonistas & inibidores , Nucleotídeos/síntese química , Inibidores Enzimáticos/química , Nucleotídeos/química