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Nano Lett ; 19(11): 8049-8058, 2019 11 13.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31558023


Pyroptosis is a lytic and inflammatory form of programmed cell death and could be induced by chemotherapy drugs via caspase-3 mediation. However, the key protein gasdermin E (GSDME, translated by the DFNA5 gene) during the caspase-3-mediated pyroptosis process is absent in most tumor cells because of the hypermethylation of DFNA5 (deafness autosomal dominant 5) gene. Here, we develop a strategy of combining decitabine (DAC) with chemotherapy nanodrugs to trigger pyroptosis of tumor cells by epigenetics, further enhancing the immunological effect of chemotherapy. DAC is pre-performed with specific tumor-bearing mice for demethylation of the DFNA5 gene in tumor cells. Subsequently, a commonly used tumor-targeting nanoliposome loaded with cisplatin (LipoDDP) is used to administrate drugs for activating the caspase-3 pathway in tumor cells and trigger pyroptosis. Experiments demonstrate that the reversal of GSDME silencing in tumor cells is achieved and facilitates the occurrence of pyroptosis. According to the anti-tumor activities, anti-metastasis results, and inhibition of recurrence, this pyroptosis-based chemotherapy strategy enhances immunological effects of chemotherapy and also provides an important insight into tumor immunotherapy.