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Huan Jing Ke Xue ; 43(1): 267-276, 2022 Jan 08.
Artigo em Chinês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34989511


In order to understand the characteristics and interrelationship of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in interstitial water and overlying water of a landscape river in Suzhou, the characteristics of DOM in interstitial water and overlying water of landscape river sediments in the urban area of Suzhou from July to September after the 2020 flood season were analyzed using the UV-Vis absorption spectrum, high-performance liquid chromatography(HPLC), and fluorescence spectrum combined with the fluorescence region integration method. The results showed that the relative molecular weight of DOM in both the interstitial water and the overlying water was about 1000, and the relative molecular weight tended to increase in the same way over time. Both interstitial water and overlying water had the highest DOM of protein-like content, with a mass fraction that reached 68%-79%. By contrast, the content of humus-like substances was lower, with a mass fraction accounting for approximately 21%-32%, and both were dominated by low-excitation tryptophan. From July to September, a large increase in DOM levels appeared in the interstitial water, followed by a gradual increase in DOM levels in overlying water. These increases might have come from the deposition of algae on the river bottom after summer outbreaks, likely followed by cleavage and release into the interstitial and overlying water. The fluorescence indices (FI) of the interstitial water and overlying water differed more in July and then increased and decreased following the same trend; however, both were greater than 1.2. The authigenic indicator BIX indicator values were all greater than 0.8 and tended toward 1. The humification index (HIX) values were all less than 4; moreover, the interstitial water and overlying water became smaller in the same trend. The same positive correlation was present between the six fluorescent components of DOM (P<0.05), with a significant correlation between low-excitation tyrosine, α254, and HIX. The relationship between interstitial water and DOM in the overlying water in the Suzhou landscape river was closely related, and the interstitial water may be a potential source of DOM in overlying water.

Rios , Água , 2,5-Dimetoxi-4-Metilanfetamina , Espectrometria de Fluorescência
Zhongguo Zhen Jiu ; 41(8): 866-70, 2021 Aug 12.
Artigo em Chinês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34369696


OBJECTIVE: To observe the effect of acupuncture at xing-spring point, shu-stream point and lower he-sea point on neurological function and clinical symptoms in patients with type-2 diabetic peripheral neuropathy. METHODS: Sixty patients with type-2 diabetic peripheral neuropathy were randomly divided into an observation group and a control group, 30 cases in each one. Both groups were treated with basic treatment, and the observation group was additionally treated with acupuncture at Neiting (ST 44), Xiangu (ST 43), Dadu (SP 2), Taibai (SP 3), Zusanli (ST 36), etc. once every other day, 3 times a week for 4 weeks. The changes of TCM symptom score, Toronto clinical assessment (TCSS) score, visual analogue scale (VAS) score of pain and serum tumor necrosis factor α(TNF-α) level were observed before and after treatment in the two groups, and the clinical effects of the two groups were evaluated. RESULTS: Compared before treatment, the TCM syndrome score and the TCSS score in the two groups were reduced after treatment (P<0.05), and the TCM syndrome score after treatment in the observation group was lower than that in the control group (P<0.05). After treatment, the VAS in the observation group was reduced (P<0.05), and the VAS score of pain in the observation group was lower than that in the control group (P<0.05). There was no significant difference in the level of serum TNF-α within and between the two groups (P>0.05). The total effective rate was 76.7% (23/30) in the observation group, which was superior to 33.3% (10/30) in the control group (P<0.05). CONCLUSION: Acupuncture at xing-spring point, shu-stream point and lower he-sea point could effectively improve the neurological function and clinical symptoms in patients with type-2 diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Terapia por Acupuntura , Diabetes Mellitus Tipo 2 , Neuropatias Diabéticas , Pontos de Acupuntura , Diabetes Mellitus Tipo 2/complicações , Diabetes Mellitus Tipo 2/terapia , Neuropatias Diabéticas/terapia , Humanos , Rios , Resultado do Tratamento
Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao ; 28(3): 805-814, 2017 Mar 18.
Artigo em Chinês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29741006


Methane (CH4) is the second abundant greenhouse gas. Aerobic methane oxidations of topsoil in forest are identified as an important sink of atmosphere methane, playing critical roles in carbon cycle and global warming alleviation. Comparing the community structure and diversity of methane oxidizing bacteria (MOBs) in different vegetation ecosystems could provide new insights into the relationships between vegetation types and community of MOBs. In this study, we collected 92 soil samples from four types of vegetation along the elevation gradient of Gongga Mountain, and further assessed the community structure, diversity and potential drivers of MOBs across the four vegetation types using Miseq sequencing and bioinformatics methods. The result indicated that MOBs community compositions in evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved forest (EDBF) and coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest (CBMF) was more similar, whereas in dark coniferous forest (DCF) and shrub meadow area (SMA) soils, MOB composition was more similar. In the four types of vegetation, α-diversities of MOBs in EDBF and CBMF were significantly higher than that in the other three vegetation types (P<0.001), whereas ß-diversities in soils of DCF and SMA were significantly higher than those in EDBF and CBMF (P<0.001). Spearman analysis indicated that the relative abundance of different MOBs in four types of vegetation showed different responses to environmental change. Factors including soil total nitrogen, conductivity and soil temperature appeared to govern the variation of α-diversity across the four vegetation types. Partial Mantel test and redundancy ana-lysis (RDA) suggested that environmental parameters likely contributed more to diversity variations in soils from EDBF and CBMF, whereas diversity variations in soils from DCF and SAM might be driven by other potential environmental factors or mechanism. Precipitation appeared to drive the ß-diversity variation between vegetation of EDBF and CBMF and vegetation of DCF and SAM. Our study suggested that the community structure and diversity variation of MOBs in different vegetation types might be governed by both soil properties and climate change.

Ecossistema , Microbiologia do Solo , Solo , China , Florestas
Interdiscip Sci ; 8(3): 319-26, 2016 Sep.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27165480


Chromogranin A (CGA)-N46, a derived peptide of human chromogranin A, has antifungal activity. To further research the active domain of CGA-N46, a series of derivatives were designed by successively deleting amino acid from both terminus of CGA-N46, and the amino acid sequence of each derivative was analyzed by bioinformatic software. Based on the predicted physicochemical properties of the peptides, including half-life time in mammalian reticulocytes (in vitro), yeast (in vivo) and E. coli (in vivo), instability index, aliphatic index and grand average of hydropathicity (GRAVY), the secondary structure, net charge, the distribution of hydrophobic residues and hydrophilic residues, the final derivatives CGA-N15, CGA-N16, CGA-N12 and CGA-N8 were synthesized by solid-phase peptide synthesis. The results of bioinformatic analysis showed that CGA-N46 and its derivatives were α-helix, neutral or weak positive charge, hydrophilic, and CGA-N12 and CGA-N8 were more stable than the other derivatives. The results of circular dichroism confirmed that CGA-N46 and its derived peptides displayed α-helical structure in an aqueous solution and 30 mM sodium dodecylsulfate, but α-helical contents decreased in hydrophobic lipid vesicles. CGA-N15, CGA-N16, CGA-N12 and CGA-N8 had higher antifungal activities than their mother peptide CGA-N46. Among of the derived peptides, CGA-N12 showed the least hemolytic activity. In conclusion, we have successfully identified the active domain of CGA-N46 with strong antifungal activity and weak hemolytic activity, which provides the possibility to develop a new class of antibiotics.

Antifúngicos/química , Antifúngicos/farmacologia , Peptídeos/química , Peptídeos/farmacologia , Sequência de Aminoácidos , Animais , Cromogranina A/química , Dicroísmo Circular , Hemólise/efeitos dos fármacos , Humanos , Interações Hidrofóbicas e Hidrofílicas , Peptídeos/efeitos adversos , Relação Estrutura-Atividade