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Sci Rep ; 7(1): 4115, 2017 06 23.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28646157


We study the current-voltage characteristics of Fe(Se,Te) thin films deposited on CaF2 substrates in form of nanostrips (width w ~ λ, λ the London penetration length). In view of a possible application of these materials to superconductive electronics and micro-electronics we focus on transport properties in small magnetic field, the one generated by the bias current. From the characteristics taken at different temperatures we derive estimates for the pinning potential U and the pinning potential range δ for the magnetic flux lines (vortices). Since the sample lines are very narrow, the classical creep flow model provides a sufficiently accurate interpretation of the data only when the attractive interaction between magnetic flux lines of opposite sign is taken into account. The observed voltages and the induced depression of the critical current of the nanostrips are compatible with the presence of a low number ([Formula: see text]) magnetic field lines at the equilibrium, a strongly inhomogeneous current density distribution at the two ends of the strips and a reduced Bean Livingston barrier. In particular, we argue that the sharp corners defining the bridge geometry represent points of easy magnetic flux lines injection. The results are relevant for creep flow analysis in superconducting Fe(Se,Te) nanostrips.

Phys Med Biol ; 47(18): N239-48, 2002 Sep 21.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-12375831


In this paper we generalize the approach of Ahonen et al (1993 IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng. 40 859-69) to two-dimensional non-uniform sampling. The focus is on two main topics: (1) searching for the optimal sensor configuration on a planar measurement surface; and (2) reconstructing the magnetic field (a continuous function) from a discrete set of data points recorded with a finite number of sensors. A reconstruction formula for Bz is derived in the framework of the multidimensional Papoulis generalized sampling expansion (Papoulis A 1977 IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. 24 652-4, Cheung K F 1993 Advanced Topics in Shannon Sampling and Interpolation Theory (New York: Springer) pp 85-119) in a particular case. Application of these considerations to the design of biomagnetic sensor arrays is also discussed.

Processamento de Imagem Assistida por Computador/métodos , Magnetoencefalografia/instrumentação , Magnetoencefalografia/métodos , Magnetismo , Modelos Estatísticos , Modelos Teóricos