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Artigo em Chinês | WPRIM (Pacífico Ocidental) | ID: wpr-863100


Mesenchymal stem cells are a kind of pluripotent stem cells that play a role in stroke treatment mainly through paracrine mechanisms. Recent studies have shown that mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes play an important role in reducing post-stroke injury, promoting neural repair and angiogenesis. This article describes the research progress of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes in the treatment of stroke, and investigates the therapeutic mechanism and application prospects of exosomes bioactive substances represented by microRNAs.

Artigo em Chinês | WPRIM (Pacífico Ocidental) | ID: wpr-418973


ObjectiveTo explore the clinical effects of cold therapy in treatment of inflammatory hemorrhoids.MethodsSixty patients were separated into two groups according to the visiting sequence with 30 cases each.The treatment group accepted cold therapy,meanwhile the control group took the tablets diosmin and accepted hot compress with 50% magnesium sulfate.ResultsThe symptoms evaluation score was ( 10.5 ± 1.3 ) scores and (6.4 ± 1.2) scores before and after treatment in treatment group,while ( 10.3 ±1.4) scores and(9.4 ± 1.3) scores in control group,there was no significant difference before treatment between two groups (P> 0.05 ),but there was significant difference after treatment between two groups (P<0.05).After 3 days treatment,cure rate was 60.0%(18/30),eifficient rate was 90.0%(27/30) in treatment group,while 10.0% (3/30),53.3% ( 16/30 ) in control group,there were significant differences between two groups(P< 0.05).ConclusionCold therapy is good for inflammatory hemorrhoids.

Artigo em Chinês | WPRIM (Pacífico Ocidental) | ID: wpr-964856


@#Objective To investigate the feasibility and curative effect of botulinum toxin type A(BTX-A)point injection under the guidance of type-B ultrasonic on upper limb spasticity after stroke.Methods 18 cases were divided into two groups:9 cases for treatment group were treated with point injection BTX-A in 5 points with the guidance of type-B ultrasonic diagnosis,other 9 cases for control were only injected experientially.They were evaluated with the modified Ashworth scale(MAS)and the time taking effect were recorded.Results Compared with the control,the scores of MAS in the treatment group improved,and they came into effect more quickly(P<0.05).Conclusion The point injection of BTX-A under the guidance of type-B ultrasonic was practicable for and effective on upper limb spasticity after stroke.