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Nano Lett ; 18(3): 1764-1769, 2018 03 14.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29444407


A fundamental aspect of electronics is the ability to distribute a charge current among different terminals. On the other hand, despite the great interest in dissipation, storage, and conversion of heat in solid state structures, the control of thermal currents at the nanoscale is still in its infancy. Here, we show the experimental realization of a phase-tunable thermal router able to control the spatial distribution of an incoming heat current, thus providing the possibility of tuning the electronic temperatures of two output terminals. This ability is obtained thanks to a direct current superconducting quantum interference device (dc SQUID), which can tune the coherent component of the electronic heat currents flowing through its Josephson junctions. By varying the external magnetic flux and the bath temperature, the SQUID allows us to regulate the size and the direction of the thermal gradient between two drain electrodes. Our results offer new opportunities for all microcircuits requiring an accurate energy management, including electronic coolers, quantum information architectures, and thermal logic components.