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Comput Intell Neurosci ; 2021: 3735104, 2021.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34471406


How to effectively improve the effectiveness of art teaching has always been one of the hot topics concerned by all sectors of society. Especially, in art teaching, situational interaction helps improve the atmosphere of art class. However, there are few attempts to quantitatively evaluate the aesthetics of ink painting. Ink painting expresses images through ink tone and stroke changes, which is significantly different from photos and paintings in visual characteristics, semantic characteristics, and aesthetic standards. For this reason, this study proposes an adaptive computational aesthetic evaluation framework for ink painting based on situational interaction using deep learning techniques. The framework extracts global and local images as multiple input according to the aesthetic criteria of ink painting and designs a model named MVPD-CNN to extract deep aesthetic features; finally, an adaptive deep aesthetic evaluation model is constructed. The experimental results demonstrate that our model has higher aesthetic evaluation performance compared with baseline, and the extracted deep aesthetic features are significantly better than the traditional manual design features, and its adaptive evaluation results reach a Pearson height of 0.823 compared with the manual aesthetic. In addition, art classroom simulation and interference experiments show that our model is highly resistant to interference and more sensitive to the three painting elements of composition, ink color, and texture in specific compositions.

Pinturas , Simulação por Computador , Estética , Redes Neurais de Computação , Semântica