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BMC Immunol ; 17(1): 22, 2016 07 04.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27377926


BACKGROUND: Mast cells are hematopoietically derived cells that play a role in inflammatory processes such as allergy, as well as in the immune response against pathogens by the selective and rapid release of preformed and lipid mediators, and the delayed release of cytokines. The native homotetrameric lectin ArtinM, a D-mannose binding lectin purified from Artocarpus heterophyllus seeds, is one of several lectins that are able to activate mast cells. Besides activating mast cells, ArtinM has been shown to affect several biological responses, including immunomodulation and acceleration of wound healing. Because of the potential pharmacological application of ArtinM, a recombinant ArtinM (rArtinM) was produced in Escherichia coli. The current study evaluated the ability of rArtinM to induce mast cell degranulation and activation. RESULTS: The glycan binding specificity of rArtinM was similar to that of jArtinM. rArtinM, via its CRD, was able to degranulate, releasing ß-hexosaminidase and TNF-α, and to promote morphological changes on the mast cell surface. Moreover, rArtinM induced the release of the newly-synthesized mediator, IL-4. rArtinM does not have a co-stimulatory effect on the FcεRI degranulation via. The IgE-dependent mast cell activation triggered by rArtinM seems to be dependent on NFkB activation. CONCLUSIONS: The lectin rArtinM has the ability to activate and degranulate mast cells via their CRDs. The present study indicates that rArtinM is a suitable substitute for the native form, jArtinM, and that rArtinM may serve as an important and reliable pharmacological agent.

Mastócitos/imunologia , Lectinas de Plantas/imunologia , Proteínas Recombinantes/imunologia , Animais , Artocarpus/imunologia , Degranulação Celular , Linhagem Celular , Clonagem Molecular , Escherichia coli/genética , Histamina/metabolismo , Imunoglobulina E/metabolismo , Imunomodulação , Interleucina-4/metabolismo , Manose/metabolismo , NF-kappa B/metabolismo , Lectinas de Plantas/isolamento & purificação , Ligação Proteica , Ratos , Proteínas Recombinantes/isolamento & purificação , beta-N-Acetil-Hexosaminidases/metabolismo
PLoS One ; 5(3): e9776, 2010 Mar 22.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-20339538


BACKGROUND: The D-mannose binding lectin ArtinM is known to recruit neutrophils, to degranulate mast cells and may have potential therapeutic applications. However, the effect of ArtinM on mast cell recruitment has not been investigated. METHODOLOGY: Male Wistar rats were injected i.p. with ArtinM or ConA (control). The ability of the lectin to degranulate peritoneal and mesenteric mast cells was examined. Recruitment of mast cells to the peritoneal cavity and mesentery after ArtinM injection was examined with or without depletion of peritoneal mast cells by distilled water. RESULTS: ArtinM degranulated both peritoneal and mesentery mast cells in vitro. Three days after i.p. injection of the lectin there were reduced numbers of mast cells in the peritoneal lavage, while at 7 days post injection of ArtinM, the number of peritoneal mast cells was close to control values. Since immature mast cells are recruited from the bone marrow, the effect of the lectin on bone marrow mast cells was examined. Injection of ArtinM resulted in an increased number of mast cells in the bone marrow. To determine if degranulation of mast cells in the peritoneal cavity was required for the increase in bone marrow mast cells, the peritoneal cavity was depleted of mast cells with ultrapure water. Exposure to ArtinM increased the number of mast cells in the bone marrow of rats depleted of peritoneal mast cells. CONCLUSIONS: The ArtinM induced recruitment of mast cells from the bone marrow to the peritoneal cavity may partially explain the therapeutic actions of ArtinM.

Células da Medula Óssea/citologia , Lectinas/química , Lectina de Ligação a Manose/química , Mastócitos/citologia , Neutrófilos/metabolismo , Cavidade Peritoneal , Animais , Medula Óssea/metabolismo , Células da Medula Óssea/efeitos dos fármacos , Células-Tronco Hematopoéticas/citologia , Inflamação , Masculino , Manose/química , Lectina de Ligação a Manose/farmacologia , Mastócitos/efeitos dos fármacos , Modelos Biológicos , Ratos , Ratos Wistar